Get a room in Vegas, Baby!

Read personal hotel reviews for the city that (almost) never sleeps!

Get a Room in Vegas, Baby!

Heading to Sin City? Looking for a place to sleep (or not sleep)?


Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! Because, lucky you, I've actually compiled some of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, with some reviews and info, on Yonderbound. I have personally spent quite a bit of time in Las Vegas (aka 'Lost Wages'), and I have actually stayed at every one of these hotels. What can I say, I like hotels. And Vegas is an super easy place to hotel-hop in, since most are within walking distance of each other.

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Yonderbound is an awesome hotel booking website that focuses on photos of the properties. One of its best features is that all the taxes and fees are included in the price, which is pretty rare!


Great for visual people (like us)! It lets you collect and save ideas into boxes, called Yonderboxes! Cute. It's a pretty fun and creative way to research hotels, and a great way to refer back to travel plans and ideas, too. Save Yonderboxes for upcoming travels, make plans, and share them with travel buddies and friends. 

Burger Abroad Yonderbox Las Vegas

Vegas has something for everyone, and every budget. It lives on tourism, so prices are usually pretty reasonable year round. You can find economical budget options, mid-range iconic casinos, and ultra high end luxury. It's all about what you want for your unique experience. Here are some examples.


1. Budget: You're in Vegas to see the sights, maybe do some partying or play in the casinos, and your hotel is just a place for you to sleep and shower. No frills. That's the Stratosphere, Excalibur or Circus Circus.


2. Mid-range:  Enjoy the classics. Stay at a hotel you've seen in one of your favorite movies. Go see a show. Do some shopping. Enjoy the glitz. Think Paris, Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood or Caeser's Palace.


3. Luxury: C'mon. If there's any place to splurge, this is it! You'll be blown away by the amenities. And you'll get spoiled like a celebrity! You'll most likely meet a few while you're there, too! Try the Venetian, Aria, Bellagio, get a suite at the Palms, or really live it up at the Skylofts at the MGM.

Las Vegas Hotel Booking Reviews Burger Abroad

Vegas not your bag? No worries, Yonderbound has everything. I've made a couple other boxes, one on the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, too) and also Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They're fun, too.

Try it out! Click here for a $10 credit! Start having fun and start booking! 

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