Brighton Vegan Bites: 1847

Brighton Vegan Bites: 1847

Get a taste for beautiful Brighton and try a delicious meal at the modern 1847 vegetarian restaurant.

1847 was a good year

Brighton has recently been graced with the popular vegetarian restaurant 1847, the fourth of its kind now in the UK. Owner Damien Davenport has created a beautiful collection of hip and contemporary vegetarian restaurants. His others can be found in Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. And, let's hope they don't stop there. 


1847 is a chic cocktail of modern design, innovative vegetarian menus and an inspiring decor. Taking its name from The Vegetarian Society, or actually, the year it was formed = 1847. That's right, folks, vegetarianism has been around for a long time!


Brighton's 1847 also has it's very own cocktail bar, Dandelion, serving botanically-infused cocktails, spirits, beer and wine. And, the restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, which is nothing short of fantastic news for vegans and vegetarians in the city, since most places close pretty early.

super chic

Nestled in an amazing location in Brighton's hip North Laine neighborhood, this spot boasts quite a unique architectural layout, with 2 levels of dining and a downstairs bar and lounge, all accessed by a classic spiral staircase.


The decor is chic and contemporary with a mix of modern, clean lines and decor, accented by a breathtaking wall of live fresh greens on the ground floor dining area. 


The menu itself is pretty smart, with vegetarian and vegan options, delineating your choices into a 2 or 3 course meal, and offering a handful of options in each category to chose from.


It's like a choose your own adventure to a great meal experience. Passionate about supporting local, the menu reflects this along with an apt attention to seasonal produce as well.

inventive food

Now let's talk about the food! The yummy food! First, try the olive and sun-blushed tomatoes starter and pick a hand-crafted cocktail or choose one of the many great wines offered. A South African Chenin Blanc called my name on this particular occasion...


I then tried the mushroom and walnut pate on toast served with picked quince and cucumber slices, which were the perfect tangy balance to the earthy mushroom and nutty flavors of the pate. 

walnut and mushroom pate 1847

A delicious winter warmer soup tasted of savory roasted parsnips with hints of rosemary, sesame oil and back sesame seeds. 


Then I tried a winter veggies and coconut soup that was quite a flavor explosion of sweet and spicy, consisting of sweet potato cream, coconut, roasted veggies and black beans. A genius hint of lime in the soup accentuated the creamy coconut.


And, also made the song Put the Lime in the Coconut play in my head. I didn't hate it one bit. 

The main course of bulgar and leek stuffed mushrooms served with braised red cabbage and carrots was such a pleasant marriage of textures. The braised cabbage, with spices of cinnamon, fennel and cloves, was just the right amount of sweet and warmth to go with the heartier bulgar and portobello mushroom base. It was like Christmas in your mouth. Very filling and very tasty.

vegan stuffed portobello mushroom

I might be lying if I didn't say that I think my favorite part was the dessert! And I'm not even a huge desert fan. But the super delectable (and very adorable) little cup I got full of vanilla bean tapioca, warm pineapple, granola and pomegranate seeds, really blew me away. 

Visit 1847 in Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol. *This Brighton location has since closed.*  Check out more yummy Brighton eats