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Budget Travel Secrets + Freebies

Here is a dynamic list of some of my absolute favorite resources for travel. These are what I use to travel full-time. Try them out!

Heads up, this post contains affiliate links to recommended websites. 

lonely planet

Lonely Planet is the place to go for all the travel information you could possibly need. Purchase books, ebooks or even individual chapters. And they always have really great promotions. Check them out here!





Momondo is my go-to search for most everything travel. I like it best for flight searches. Find the best flight connections and best deals around on their awesomely beautiful search engine. Try it out here!


Booking.com is my favorite site to find the best prices. And the one I use the most for travel. It has so many great features, such as best price guarantee, no fees for changing or cancelling bookings, and an easy app. Use the box to search or go here for $20 off your booking.



trusted housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is the easiest housesit site to use and navigate. They have a ton of international traffic and I've seen sits from just about everywhere in the world. Annual plans include a 24/7 Vet Help Line. Sign up for 20% off membership!




Airbnb let's you book a stay in a local's home, either with them or without! I've seen everything from a boat to a couch to a private room to a guesthouse. Definitely some super cool, interesting and unique places. Sign up for a $35 credit!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, through which I may earn compensation or credit if you purchase through them. All opinions are my own. I only endorse products and services I have personally assessed and decided to be of value to my readers.

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