10 Free Vegan Travel Tools

10 Free Vegan Travel Tools

Traveling the world as a vegan or vegetarian? Or just a super healthy responsible eco-conscious person? Great! Here are some easy, fun and free tools you can use on the go to help you find and order food and connect with others! These are my personal favorites that I use often so I've included iPhone screenshots to show you why.


If you're more culinary-inclined, there are lots of vegan recipe and cooking apps out there but I didn't include them because (gasp) I don't cook! There are also more vegan travel apps that are location or country-specific, but I chose these ones because they are all completely free and also usable worldwide. Which is usually where I am.

I'll be using my favorite vegan city, Portland, Oregon, as the example search result, because it is full of vegan goodness, magic, and unicorns. Vegan unicorns.  

1. plant eaters

Find vegan food on Yelp Burger Abroad

This is great app to find vegan food all around the world. Simply search your location and voila. Also comes with meal recommendations and customer reviews for more info.



2. vegman

Find vegan food on Vegman Burger Abroad

A great app to find vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly and even raw restaurants worldwide. Has an easy search function to choose. The app is read only but you can contribute through the desktop version.


3. foursquare

Find vegan food on Foursquare Burger Abroad

Not a vegan-only app, but this one has great recommendations. You can select from hundreds of keywords and input your tastes and then the app will give you personalized recommendations. I have over 400 tastes in mine, things like vegan brunch, vegan pizza, vegan burgers, soy lattes and soy chicken.


4. trip advisor

Find vegan food on Trip Advisor Burger Abroad

Again, not a vegan app, but still useful to find veg*n friendly food all around the world. Just have to use your vegan sleuthing powers a bit to find good ones. Huge database and probably the most user ratings and reviews, too. Check it out and come join me.


5. v-cards

Translate vegan requests with V-Cards Burger Abroad

The perfect app for translating your vegan dietary requests into most any other language. Translates most common phrases so you can order and communicate your preferences easily. Check out the Spanish example - "Yo soy Vegana!" Get it here.

6. google translate

Translate text and photos with Google Translate Burger Abroad

Translate anything. It has 3 awesome features: text language translation, written language translation, and photo translation. This is great for help translating less common words, or local animal or meat names. And so helpful for translating menus and signs! Just hold it over the picture and it will constantly try to read and interpret. Check my Spanish to English Cholula example: 'Stinging sauce'! Spot on, Google! Get it here.

7. more than salad

Find vegan food worldwide with Vegan Food is Everywhere Burger Abroad

A newer, quite perfectly named, crowdsourced web app that allows you to enter a location, description and photo of a meal, along with instructions on how to order that meal vegan! Looks like vegan food is popping up all over the world on here. I think this is brilliant and I'm excited to see this one. *currently not active

8. more than salad

More Than Salad Burger Abroad

This is an awesome app that shows you delicious and interesting vegan meals around the world, and the best part - more than salad! Yay! *currently not active

9. facebook

Connect with vegan travelers on Facebook Burger Abroad

A great way to stay in touch, share info, get inspiration and more. Find groups and communities full of like-minded people where you can start discussions and ask questions. Visit my page for travel and vegan goodies. 

10. twitter

Connect on Twitter Burger Abroad

A great way to keep up on news, stories, get support, inspiration, and stay in contact. Follow me for travel tips and vegan goodness.