Why It'd Be Better If Kids Ruled the World

Why It'd Be Better If Kids Ruled the World

I recently got a surprise text of a piece of writing from my super smart 8 year old niece Scarlett. This is an excerpt of the piece, entitled "If Kids Were In Charge Of The World". Here's why this list, and kids themselves, are awesome and why grownups should be more like them. Adulting is super overrated.


Kids are imaginative. It's something we all too often lose along the way as adults. We need to remember to think like kids. Find our inner child. Try to be happy. To use our brains, imagination, and hearts.



“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”

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Kids are kind. Unlike the majority of adults, children often have an easier time bonding with animals and see them as being here with us, not for us. Many young ones often quickly make the connection that animals are our friends, not our food. Adults could learn to be more compassionate.



"You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit.

If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car."

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Here are some of the clever ideas on "If Kids Were In Charge Of The World"...

if kids ruled the world

Some pretty great points! Allow me to elaborate...



Everything would be free.

Money is the root of all evil and does nothing but corrupt. We should go back to a sharing and barter economy. This is pretty much how I live as a full-time traveler since I get free accommodation.



Everyone would have a mansion. 

Everyone should have the right to shelter, of any size they want, whether a mcmansion or a tiny house.



We would not have school.

School is a traditionally structured regime to teach people to show up at the same place everyday, to train them for a job where they show up at the same place everyday. There are other ways to learn. Many families now are world schooling, traveling the world and immersing their kids in dynamic new cultures, new languages, and new experiences so that they can learn in a more creative and innovative way.



All hunting would be abolished. 

Of course. Hunting is not only cruel, it's also completely unnecessary.



Everyone would be vegan.

If everyone transitioned to a plant-based diet, it would be better for all animals, including humans, and would heal the planet. People would be healthier, animals wouldn't needlessly suffer and die, animal agriculture would stop polluting the land, air and water, and cutting down all the rainforests, and the grain that feeds the animals could feed people instead and solve world hunger.



All animals in zoos would be set free.

Zoos are animal jail. They should live their lives with their families in their natural environments.



All fish in the aquariums would be set free.

Aquariums are fish jail. They should live in the ocean instead of tiny glass cages.



Disney World would be duplicated. 

The more Disney Worlds, the better! And Disney has tons of great vegan food!



Dinosaurs and Dragons would come back to life.

Well, obviously.



Aren't kids smart? Maybe they should be in charge!...