Top Vegan Apps For Easy Plant-Based Travel and Lifestyle

Top Vegan Apps For Easy Plant-Based Travel and Lifestyle

Living and traveling as a vegan gets easier every day as more helpful smartphone apps appear! I'm a vegan full-time world traveler and I'm here to say you can very easily check ingredients and find, order and eat vegan anywhere in the world. Here are some of the best apps to help along the way and make your vegan lifestyle even easier! 

apps to find vegan food:

happy cow

Easy to use app with a searchable map feature and community reviews and pics for 175 countries and you can save for use offline.

cost: $3.99   get it: itunes 


happy cow app


Find vegan restaurants and search menus for already vegan or easily veganized items.

cost: free   get it: itunes


govegn app


A great app to find vegan food worldwide, with reviews and meal recommendations.

cost: free   get it: itunes 


planteaters app

vanilla bean

Search, filter, and find vegan food all around the UK and select European countries.

cost: free   get it: itunes 


vanilla bean app


A quick and easy guide to vegan meals and options at 150 US restaurant chains.

cost: $1.99   get it: itunes


veganxpress app


A great guide and community to find vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly restaurants worldwide. 

cost: free   get it: itunes


vegman app

apps to order vegan food:


Translate your vegan diet into over 70 languages quickly and easily with one simple card.

cost: free   get it: itunes


v-cards app


Awesome app to translate expressions in 50 languages. Read more!

cost: $2.99   get it: itunes


veganagogo app

vegan passport

Direct from the Vegan Society, a phrasebook with languages that covers 96% of the world.

cost: $1.99   get it: itunes


vegan passport app

apps to make vegan food:

21 day vegan kickstart

Easy vegan recipes and meal plans from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine.

cost: free   get it: itunes


21 day vegan kickstart app

food monster

This massive app has all the vegan food one could want - over 5000 recipes and growing.

cost: free   get it: itunes


food monster app

forks over knives

This app is vegan cuisine at its finest with ongoing recipes from over 20 leading chefs.

cost: $4.99   get it: itunes


forks over knives app


Translate any food, ingredient or recipe to vegan. With baking and protein calculators.

cost: free   get it: itunes


gonutss app

green kitchen

Beautiful app with great recipes and mouth-watering photos. Also works with Apple Watch.

cost: $3.99   get it: itunes


green kitchen app

the rawtarian

This app is a huge resource of everything raw with 150 recipes and 4500 community recipes.

cost: $2.99   get it: itunes


green kitchen app

apps to check vegan ingredients:


Search, check and translate ingredients.

cost: free  get it: itunes


foodsaurus app

is it vegan

Digitally scan barcodes or manually enter codes to check ingredients and see if a product is vegan.

cost: free   get it: itunes


is it vegan app

bunny free

From PeTA, this app lets you search companies to check if they're cruelty-free.

cost: free   get it: itunes


bunny free app


Search 700+ US and Canadian brands for cosmetic, personal care and household products.

cost: free   get it: itunes


cruelty-free app

green vegan

Find vegan beer, wine and liquor with this app with over 31,500 listings.

cost: $1.99   get it: itunes


green vegan app


Search this massive, easy to use database for beers, wines and liquors.

cost: $1.99   get it: itunes


vegaholic app


Find vegan and gluten-free alcohol with this easy app.

cost: free   get it: itunes


veggiebeers app