On the Cornish Coast: What to Do, See and Eat in Portreath

On the Cornwall Coast: What to Do, See, and Eat in Portreath, England

Along the northern coast of Cornwall, England, lies the charming village of Portreath.


Its very fitting name literally means Sandy Cove and dates all the way back to the 15th century. Mainly known as a fishing port, the town stretches out around the beach and the central boat harbor. It's a quiet, relaxed little area that embodies the traditional Cornish quintessence. 

What to do

Explore. Take in all the natural beauty! The cliffs along the beach are nothing short of majestic to see.


There's tons of hiking to be done in seemingly every direction. Follow a series of footpaths up to high lookout points or go checkout the old lighthouse.

Stroll along the beach in the shallow waters, hunt for shells, and even explore empty caves that appear when the water recedes.


Snag a spot on the beach or the hill just before sunset and you will get quite the treat! Everything is illuminated in the beautiful golden glow. Watching the sun disappear beneath the ocean is such a beautiful and tranquil experience. 

What to see

All the animals! Portreath is a very animal and pet-friendly community. There are pet dogs and cats happily about. And, in proper British pub tradition, dogs are always allowed into the pubs to relax with their people. 


Go hang out at the beach and you get the best show ever. You get to watch happy dogs run on the beach. When the tide goes out, they love it even more, they tear around as fast as they can, ears and tongues flapping in the wind. Pure joy. 


Some lovely Shetland Ponies actually live on the cliffs and make a living eating the grass and shrubs. You can see them from a distance, teetering along the edges of the cliffs and wandering about as they please.

They are busy eating all the time, but I tried to make friends and get them to stop to strike a pose for a second. They even have a staff of a few locals that look after them and make sure they're ok.


And just up the hill is the Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals from foxes to owls to goats to donkeys to reindeer. They offer educational tours and hikes and you can interact with the animals and even feed the foxes.

What to eat

Even though Portreath is a small town, they do have quite a few charming pubs, good restaurants, and a delicious bakery. Lots of options for great vegan foods.


Where did I eat? My top picks...


Tideline Cafe for tea and a scone.

Portreath Bakery for tantalizing freshly baked bread.

Waterfront Inn for a tasty vegetable curry and chips.

Tung Sing for Chinese takeaway.

Basset Arms for a properly poured pint.

Terrace Restaurant for fancy tapas.

and Atlantic Cafe for this delicious mediterranean hummus platter...