Discover Scheveningen: The Beach of The Hague

Discover Scheveningen: The Beach of The Hague

Meet the lovely little town of Scheveningen in the Netherlands.


No, that's not a typo. Yes, it is a town. So hard to pronounce by non-locals that they've actually tried to change the name the The Hague Beach. But Scheveningen it remains. It even has its own dialect!

The Beach of the Hague Scheveningen Netherlands

the hague beach

Located on the beach, just 10 minutes away from The Hague city center, Scheveningen is it's own little world. It dates all the way back to the 13th century, when it was primarily a Scandinavian fishing village.


Today it's known as a modern seaside resort town. There's a long esplanade along the waterfront with a pier and a lighthouse. And there are tons of activities to enjoy like surfing, kiteboarding and making sand sculptures! 


Just a couple blocks from the waterfront are several popular streets adorned with shops, restaurants, bars and more, dressed in the beautiful architecture classic to the Netherlands, and the beautiful Anglican church which sings out hourly church bells.

holidays in scheveningen netherlands


Visit over the Christmas holidays and you'll get lucky enough to see the town adorned in beautiful festive holiday decorations!


There's even a local Dutch tradition where, on every year, on New Years Day morning, the locals all run into the freezing cold water! It's called the Nieuwjaarsduik (or New Year's dive).


Winter swimmer I am not, because I have a central nervous system, so I celebrated by wearing 5 layers of clothes, having some hot chocolate, and very unsuccessfull trying to pronounce the word Scheveningen.