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I'm amanda burger, a solo full-time world traveler with a background in veterinary medicine and fine arts. I write about travel tips and travel inspiration. burger abroad is my indie travel blog and is a featured travel resource, especially for eco travel, budget travel and vegan travel.

details at a glance

- 2nd year top 100 travel blogger on travel1k top 1000 travel blogs (more in press).

- audience of 124+ countries. top 5 are us, uk, canada, australia and germany. 

- 51.4K+ page views in march/april/may 2017.

- monthly reach is 40K+.

- klout score 64.

- trip advisor readership of 50K+ as a level 5 contributor.

social media influencer with large followings on twitterinstagram and facebook.

- broad exposure available via advertisements, articles, social media exposure & more.

- experienced skill set to review restaurants, travel services and products, and more.

- logos available for use.


For current pricing, please contact me and describe exactly what you're interested in. I use multiple factors to tailor a relevant price point, and primarily social bluebook for current scale. I'm happy to create a mutually beneficial partnership, however please be aware that I can't work for free because I like to buy food and everyone always wants money for it.


All payments are securely accepted via PayPal no later than 48 hours after work completion. 

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