Hello! I'm an influencer! Interested in promoting your travel service or product to travel lovers? Have a restaurant or event you'd like to advertise to eco-conscious travelers? You're in the right place!


I'm Amanda Burger, a solo full-time traveler. Burger Abroad is my indie travel blog, and a featured travel travel resource for budget travel and vegan travel.


BA, DA 28, has an average monthly readership of 19K across 93 countries and a monthly reach of 30K via social media and the website newsletter. 

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"the best travel blog you will find for vegan travelers."


"the best vegan resource you’ll find anywhere online."

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"way more than just sandwiches. . .get your worldly animal fix."


"a place you can go for a whole wide range of inspirations."



I am available for brand partnerships, advertisements, affiliate programs, sponsored content, social media exposure, and newsletter features. 


I feature bespoke reviews and advertisement for travel services and products, restaurants, hotels, attractions, festivals, sanctuaries, and more.


I use multiple points to tailor a relevant price at current scale and create a mutually beneficial partnership, but I can't work for free since I like to eat food.


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