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July 17: mention in office cuisine inspiring vegan travel blogs

May 17: collab with tour radar greek islands vs croatia 

Apr 17: sunshine blogger award nomination by roaming pencil 

Apr 17: mention in nomadic matt how to eat around the world on a vegan diet

Mar 17: collab with flight network 123 of the absolute best travel hacks for 2017

Mar 17: feature in flight network 81 of the world’s greatest travel hackers in 2017

Mar 17: feature in travel xeal 40 best personal travel blogs

Jan 17: feature in wander pig 48 of the best vegan & vegetarian travel blogs

Jan 17: feature in buzzfead best travel blogs for 2017





Dec 16: feature in holiday lettings 20 solo travel bloggers you should be following in 2017

Dec 16: featured in hello travel top vegan travel blogs of 2016

Nov 16: featured on zante holiday insider the ultimate travel blogs list

Nov 16: interview on urban house

Nov 16: collab with cultural migrants what is the number 1 source of income for travel bloggers

Sep 16: #45 travel blog in travel1k top 1000 travel blogs

Sep 16: mention in happy to wander 99 ways to save money for travel

Aug 16: feature in andi on adventure my top 10 most influential travel bloggers in the world list

Aug 16: mention in andi on adventure game plan for 2017 adventures in house sitting

Jul 16: collab with miss tan chiak 102 travel bloggers revealed their last meal to have

Jul 16: mention in city loveee vegan guide to portland

Jun 16: collab with indefinite adventure surprising, up & coming vegan-friendly destinations

Jun 16: interview on never ending voyage

Jun 16: interview on the vegan word

Jun 16: feature in green match best conscious travel blogs of 2016 

Jun 16: collab with care2 10 vegan bloggers share their favorite money-saving tips

May 16: #8 vegan travel blog on listly top vegan travel blogs

Apr 16: feature on never ending voyage travel blogger tour

Apr 16: interview on sell all your stuff

Apr 16: interview on landmass

Mar 16: collab with pinay flying high cats which will make you want to go on a vacation right meow

Mar 16: feature on nomadbase 

Mar 16: feature on my vegan database vegan travel blogger directory

Mar 16: feature in digital nomad hub

Mar 16: collab with the roaming renegades best vegetarian dishes around the world

Feb 16: mention in tea in the tub the ultimate cruelty free blog list

Feb 16: mention in the sunny vegan kitchen explore, dream, discover and eat vegan

Feb 16: collab with blissed out retreats vegan travel bloggers share their favorite meal while traveling

Jan 16: collab with charlie on travel vegan travel bloggers share their favorite travel destinations

Jan 16: mention on agogo eats vegetarian and vegan travel

Jan 16: feature on vegan travel travel the globe in 11 pounds

Jan 16: #52 travel blog in coupon machine top 100 travel blogs selected in 2016

Jan 16: #23 travel blog in feedspot top 100 travel blogs to check out in 2016

Jan 16: #2 travel blog in backpack me travel blog traffic exchange 





Dec 15: feature on the vegan word vegan travel blogger tour

Dec 15: collab with plant powered nomad 6 vegan meals you need to eat in 2016 and where to find them

Dec 15: collab with mindful wanderlust 8 vegans around the world share their christmas day meals

Dec 15: collab with hostelgeek how to find good travel tips 11 bloggers share their secrets 

Dec 15: feature on last words for the road

Dec 15: mention in global eta library travel blogs & vlogs 

Nov 15: feature in the educational tourist travel quotes 

Oct 16: collab with wander with jo 200+ amazing sunset pictures of 2016 that will take your breath away

Oct 15: interview on travel gluttons

Sep 15: collab with veggie visa 25 desserts that prove vegan food doesn't suck

Aug 15: interview on samantha en route

Aug 15: listed in vegan chat room world vegan travel blogs

Aug 15: collab with solo abroad travel bloggers reveal their favorite travel destinations

Jul 15: feature on tribe in action

Jul 15: interview on flights and frustration

Jul 15: recommended vegan travel blog on happy cow

Jul 15: mention in vegan food quest 5 reasons why social media is your best vegan travel companion

Jul 15: mention in indefinite adventure digital nomad e-book

Jul 15: 5 nominations for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award, first from justin plus lauren

Jul 15: 9 nominations for the liebster award, first from hobo in high heels 

Jul 15: mention in chronicles of a travel addict vegan travel blogger directory

Jun 15: mention in circle our earth vegan travel bloggers

Jun 15: mention in ultimate vegan world 

Jun 15: mention in backpacking travel blog the best travel blogs and sites around the world 

Jun 15: #12 vegan travel blog on nomad revelation top 2300 travel blogs on the internet

Jun 15: feature on the best travelled best travelled people

May 15: interview on elite travel blog



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