13. August 2017
The Eternal City, Rome, is a city of ruins. It's a blend of old and new, all co-exiting side by side. All over the city, as you stroll along modern roads, ancient ruins are mere steps away.

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08. August 2017
The Eternal City, Rome, is something of a vegan mecca! Pizza, burgers, and gelato! Oh My! Plus there's so much to see and do in the city, you'll need constant sustenance to keep you going. Here's my list of the top spots to get tasty vegan meals... when in Rome.

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05. August 2017
How do travel bloggers make money? It's the number one question asked immediately after the words "I'm a travel blogger" are spoken. Sometimes we just say we are writers, because the truth is travel blogging can be difficult to explain, and the income earned is completely unique for everyone. Forbes says people trust people, so fundamentally, we are influencers. We are content creators, writers, photographers, and in my case, eaters of lots of food. I've called it a game before, and it really...

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31. July 2017
There is a fantastic one-stop vegan shop in Rome with an enormous selection of vegan foods, products, sandwiches, and more! It's a must-see.

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31. July 2017
I recently had one of the best vegan burgers in the entire world in the Eternal City - Rome! Flower Burger is local chain of vegan fast food cafes with locations all over Italy. It's is a super fun, chic space that's bursting with happiness and good vibes - from their cute logo to their modern design to their crazy, colorful burgers to their fresh, funky music playlists! It's a treat for all the senses!

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19. July 2017
"Cooking is love made visible" is more than just a motto to the exceptionally creative and infectiously passionate Lynn Nicholson - nutritionist, chef, cookbook author, and creator of Vegan Food Pimp in Brighton. A 100% plant-based menu of freshly made, brilliantly crafted vegan comfort foods proves to anyone that anything can be veganized into delicious perfection. With a confident, positive approach, VFP shows just how much darn fun you can really have creating and devouring vegan food! I...

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17. July 2017
Brighton beach has a cool new claim to fame - British Airways i360. The new attraction is the world's world’s tallest moving observation tower, giving passengers a bird's-eye view of all of Brighton and a whopping 26 mile view of the south coast.

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12. July 2017
Living and traveling as a vegan gets easier every day as more helpful smartphone apps appear! I'm a vegan full-time world traveler and I'm here to say you can very easily check ingredients and find, order and eat vegan anywhere in the world. Here are some of the best apps to help along the way and make your vegan lifestyle even easier!

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17. June 2017
Anyone who has been to Italy can tell you that she casts a spell over you - a spell of romance, of fantasy, of decadence and of awe. While studying art in college, I fondly remember my art history classes and loved learning about the artists of that time and the stories behind the masterpieces. Some classics I studied then have always been personal favorites of mine - utterly fascinating, beautiful things that demand attention. They can be found at one of the most prestigious, most visited, and...

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15. June 2017
Vegans aim to spread awareness about veganism to inspire compassion for animals and help reduce their needless suffering. Because we vegans heart animals and their treatment really bums us out. So what better way than to wear the very message right on your own body?! You gotta wear clothes anyways (mostly) so why not have those clothes say something. (Or spell something!) Fashion plus compassion! Yay!

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