From city breaks to vacations to full-time travel, all travelers can benefit from a little prep, research and planning to ensure smooth sailing. Honed from years of full-time travel trial and error, here's 22 things that I do before traveling, and how!

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Vegans can find tasty food all over the very lovely and very vegan-friendly city of Vienna. From street food to fast food to fine dining, the options are endless. Here is my sampling of some of the best, friendliest, and tastiest spots for vegan eats in the city!

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Nobody ever wants it to happen - a pet emergency. Whether you're caring for your own pets or pet-sitting others', preparedness is key. Here are some basic tips on how to be prepared, what to check, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

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Here's 12 reasons why I'm turning off commenting. The biggest one rhymes with ham.

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Eating vegan is easy in Venice! Sure you can find cheeseless pizza or vegan gelato anywhere … but you can also find all the delectable Italian classics, and more, all easily veganized. Most spots are easy to get to just by walking around or you can hop into a water taxi or on a water bus, and cruise around the many canals. There’s even a few places on the mainland that are great stops on your way into or out from the islands. Here's my personal guide on the best vegan eats, and because...

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London’s endless plethora of restaurants, cafes and pubs could easily leave one with proper confusion when it’s time to choose where to go. Now there’s an app that gives you real video insight to see exactly what a place is like before you go! Don't waste any more time going to places that seem cool, but turns out, just aren't your jam... With hollabox, you get a sneak peak inside London’s hottest places, all from the comfort of your phone.

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In the very vegan-friendly city of Veinna lives the fast food restaurant Voodies. Taking it’s name from vegan and foodies combined, this place is exactly that. Tasty eats for vegans!

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The Eternal City, Rome, is a city of ruins. It's a blend of old and new, all co-exiting side by side. All over the city, as you stroll along modern roads, ancient ruins are mere steps away.

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The Eternal City, Rome, is something of a vegan mecca! Pizza, burgers, and gelato! Oh My! Plus there's so much to see and do in the city, you'll need constant sustenance to keep you going. Here's my list of the top spots to get tasty vegan meals... when in Rome.

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How do travel bloggers make money? It's the number one question asked immediately after the words "I'm a travel blogger" are spoken. Sometimes we just say we are writers, because the truth is travel blogging can be difficult to explain, and the income earned is completely unique for everyone. Forbes says people trust people, so fundamentally, we are influencers. We are content creators, writers, photographers, and in my case, eaters of lots of food. I've called it a game before, and it really...

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