Vegan Burgers and Dogs: Astrid Och Apornas Spiseri

Vegan Burgers and Dogs: Astrid Och Apornas Spiseri

Where is the best vegan comfort food in Copenhagen? There's so many incredible vegan eats in Copenhagen, it's sometimes hard to choose.


Here's one of my all-time favorites in the Norrebro neighborhood. This great little spot serves up amazing vegan fast food style burgers, hot dogs and fries. 

astrid och apornas spiseri copenhagen

This little gem sprang up as a result of the success of Astrid Och Aporna's popular shops, in Malmo, Sweden and in Copenhangen, where they sell their own brand of vegan products.


And in the restaurant, they serve up their goods to order and brilliantly showcase just how devious (and nutritious!) they really are, or as they say - 'feel good fast food'! 

feel good fast food

astrid och apornas spiseri restaurant

Heads up, I was provided my meal in exchange for my review.

Ordering food here literally only take 3 decisions. How easy is that! Pick a (mock) meat. Pick a sauce. Pick a side. Bam. Easy breezy.

Customize your meal to whatever your taste buds are in the mood for. Try a grill burger or a BBQ burger. Or a spicy chorizo dog or a smoky dog.


Pick a sweet or spicy relish sauce like Sweet Monkey, Hot Scharlotte, or Sundays Best. Then pick your extra side: regular fries, sweet potato fries or even onion rings. 


Sometimes you can even get lucky and catch a special like a vegan kebab with seitan! Nom!

vegan cheeseburger

vegan cheeseburger

Just look at how darn beautiful this vegan cheeseburger is. Look at it! Don't you wish this thing had smell-o-vision?! Yes, you do. 


And it absolutely did taste just every bit as good as it looked. Delicious, flavorful, perfectly-cooked, and with the spicy and creamy sauce on top - completely satisfying.


Vegan Burger Perfection. (And I should know!)

vegan diner burgers and dogs

Disclaimer: I was provided my meal at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

*Sadly this location has since closed, but you can still buy all their products at their shops and create all these delicious creations yourself!