How Not to Be a Bad Passenger

How Not to Be a Bad Passenger

We've all been there.


The seat in front of the horrible passenger.


The seat next to the horrible passenger.


The seat behind the horrible passenger. 


It's not us - it's them! 


Time for people to stop being bad passengers on planes or trains or buses or anywhere else.


Here's the top things to NOT do so that all your fellow passengers will not hate your guts!


With these tips, you can easily be a better traveler.


And a bit less of a jerk.

don't disturb the seat in front you

Sure, this should go unsaid, but how come every single time I get on a plane, I get my back kicked repeatedly by the person in the seat behind me?


The hell?!


Sit down, organize yourself, and take care not to hit or kick the seat in front of you. 

don't be noisy, use headphones

If you're listing to music, or watching a movie, or even on a phone call, plug in your headphones so that everyone around you doesn't have to hear every single detail.


Noise pollution in an enclosed space is not only irritating, it's inescapable, so have some decency and try to be as quiet as possible so that we can all travel together in peace.

how not to be a bad train passenger

don't recline your seat

Do not recline your seat!


Don't be the jerk who thinks he needs 2 precious inches of space by diminishing the already small space of the person sitting behind him.


It's not worth it, and it's just plain mean.


Sit still like a normal person in a normal chair.


You know how.


You learned in school. 

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe."

Albert Einstein

don't turn on lights

If it's dark, then your fellow passengers will probably want to sleep.


And they would prefer it to remain dark.


So don't be the jerk that immediately reaches up to snap on the 1000 megawatt overhead reading light and blind everyone else sitting in all the rows around you. 


I'm sure you can wait to read or do whatever it is you think you're doing.


You're not in a business meeting, you're on a plane.


Take a chill pill. 

how not to be a bad plane passenger

don't use overhead bins

Last but not least, my all-time top pet peeve of traveling is people that use overheads.


Whether it's a train or a plane, the time you take to mess with overheads is time you're taking away from yourself and other travelers. 


It takes time to put your things in overheads, and it takes more time to get them back out again.


And using overheads yields a high probability that you're going to want to get up out of your seat to access them who-knows-how-many times, further disturbing all your neighboring passengers.

hot not to be a bad plane passenger by not using overhead bins

Don't make everyone stand like awkward flamingos waiting to get out of their rows because you're taking your precious time messing with your overhead crap.


Skip the overheads.


Store your stuff under your seat.


If I can literally store everything I own under a seat, with plenty of room to spare, then you can surely store your carry-on travel bag under your seat, too.