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Have travel plans? Need a house and pet sitter? Great! I'm a full-time international pet sitter available to care for your home and loved ones.


I'm an independent, full-time international housesitter! I bring a compassionate nature, a unique skill set and an extraordinary wealth of personal and professional experience! As a 25+ year vegan, I have great love and respect for all animals which helps me ensure they always feel safe, happy & loved!


I've completed 200+ housesits for happy clients! I have 15+ years of professional pet sitting experience and ran my own dog walking and pet sitting business for several years, collecting 100+ recurring clients. I'm competent with all species, having personally parented 30+ animals and professionally pet-sat cats, dogs, birds, poultry, fish, reptiles, exotics, small animals, large animals, farm animals, wildlife, and arachnids!


I have 10+ years of vet tech experience in emergency, surgery & hospice veterinary medicine. I've studied vet technology, animal behavior & worked in nutrition, rescue, adoptions, feral cat TNR & grooming. I have the medical expertise to monitor mood, behavior and vital signs, plus administer emergency protocol including CPR, medications, fluids, treatments, post op care & physical therapy. I can also do grooming such as nail trims, teeth brushings, ear cleanings, trims, baths, and more.


I'm a very proud recipient of the prestigious Trusted Housesitters Super Sitter Award!

trusted housesitters super sitter award


Send me a direct booking request here. I can also be booked directly through Trusted Housesitters, and receive booking requests through House Carers and Kindred Spirits.

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All expenses, reimbursements, and tips can be sent securely via PayPal.



  1. "I knew from the first moment I met Amanda that she was going to be the perfect sitter and that Molly would be very well looked after! Amanda gave me such peace of mind while I was away and sent me regular updates and cute photos of Molly. She bathed her, treated her ears, took her for daily walks etc and I came home to a very happy dog who had clearly been loved and looked after so well. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amanda and would have her back in a flash. Amanda is neat and tidy, organised, efficient, a good communicator and clearly a genuine animal lover! If Amanda shows interest in your post, don't hesitate in confirming her! I hope Amanda will come back to us again but in the meantime we wish her all the very best for her future travels. :)"   trusted housesitters 
  2. "We were so lucky to book Amanda for nearly 2 months while we went on vacation. Amanda is so professional and hiring a vet tech was a huge relief for us. All animals instantly love her, she is like animal magic!! She asked thoughtful questions, her communications were excellent, and we had the most relaxing trip knowing Amanda was home with our babies. They were happy and relaxed, and the house was so clean when we returned! We would 110% recommend Amanda and hope to book her in the future."   direct booking 
  3. "I am writing this review for Amanda who house sat for me for 6 weeks. I was completely satisfied with my experience. The animals were well taken care of. I was sent updates and photos and Amanda even went so far as to purchase the cat and dog little christmas gifts- which I thought was very thoughtful and kind. Upon my arrival the animals seemed content and the house was tidy. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking a house and pet sitter, she did a wonderful job."   trusted housesitters
  4. "Amanda was with our dogs for one month and it was the best option for us. She cared a lot and I am almost sure that Dave and Norah even didn't miss us. The house was super organized when we've back, she cleaned everything, she took care of our dogs, house and garden like it was hers. She updated us every couple days with pictures and sms and the dogs loved her. For sure if I travel again, I will check with Amanda if she want/can be here. Thanks for the amazing experience Amanda, it was not easy to be out one month and I am sure that if it wasn't you our feeling was different because you gave us a tranquility and the feeling that you care."   trusted housesitters
  5. "Wow. Amanda's professionalism, commitment, communication, and attention to detail are all outstanding. Thank you Amanda."   direct booking
  6. "Thank you so much! My cats are perfectly well, my apartments is even cleaner than I left it!"   direct booking
  7. "Amanda was a life saver being able to sit for my cats at very short notice. She stayed in touch every day and sent me pictures and updates, keeping my mind at ease knowing my boys were being well looked after. She was also really clean and tidy and I came home as if I'd never been gone. I would really highly recommend Amanda to take good care of your fur babies!"   trusted housesitters
  8. "This was our first time with a sitter and I'm so happy it was Amanda who came to look after our cats and home. She became fast friends with our fur buddies who are still quite young and can be skittish around new people. It was nice to come home to happy cats and clean house!"   trusted housesitters
  9. "As a frequent traveler and user of sitters, Amanda has been - by far - the most professional, reliable and conscientious sitter I've ever met. My entire trip was a breeze. I definitely recommend her to anyone."   direct booking
  10. "You should thank your lucky stars if you happen to get Amanda as a sitter. She is incredibly competent, has a lot of technical know how about taking care of animals, truly loves them, and had zero problems keeping them healthy and happy. I felt really good knowing she was there. She was also very considerate, figured out how to use everything in the apartment without a hitch, and left the place cleaner than I have ever seen it. She is some kind of housesitting genius. I wish I could have her every time."   trusted housesitters
  11. "Amanda is amazing! Polly was loved and cared for extremely well while we were away and our apartment was cleaner than when we left it. We received timely updates with pictures of our pup which allowed us to be present without worrying about her. I would highly recommend Amanda as a pet or house sitter. She is a great communicator and truly loves animals. We would love for her to stay at our place again."   trusted housesitters
  12. "It was our first experience with trusted housesitters and it couldn't have been better. Amanda is super reliable, communication with her was excellent and our house and pets were in perfect shape when we came back. We want to thank her especially for bearing the awful heat of august in Rome and for her great patience in searching our Tabby every time he did not show up. Thanks Amanda, you are the best!"   trusted housesitters 
  13. "Amanda looked after our home and two cats very well while we were away in the USA for eight weeks. She sent us regular updates with pictures of the cats looking very happy! She had to deal with an unexpected outbreak of fleas, which didn't phase her at all. We are happy to give her a five-star review."   trusted housesitters
  14. "Amanda cared for our house, hens & ferret for almost three months. During that time, she experienced two power cuts, drilling & banging from both neighbours either side who were renovating their driveways & houses, a poorly hen to which she administered exceptional care & treatment & an unhappy ferret who received her top quality nursing during a harrowing time expelling a fur ball. Also, during her stay a local electricity sub station blew up! Through it all, Amanda remained calm, professional & in complete control. We received regular updates from her along with some lovely photographs which was very reassuring, so we weren't worrying whilst we were away. On our return, the house had been hoovered & Amanda had even laundered her bed linen & towels & put fresh sheets on the bed. Her attention to detail was truly remarkable. There was an itemized list left on the side, next to our post, of some feral cats that we put food out for. To help us to liaise with the RSPCA, Amanda had named each cat & written a section of information for us as a record. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, intelligent, experienced & professional house/pet carer. For peace of mind when away from your home, Amanda brings that & more besides. Hopefully, she will be available the next time we need a sitter."   house carers
  15. "Amanda is an exceptional Housesitter. She looked after our menagerie of 20 plus animals taking it completely in her stride. We would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Amanda to look after your house and animals. She is brilliant- if we could we would have her every time."   trusted housesitters
  16. "Amanda spent a month in my apartment in Amsterdam in February and now that I've returned, I can't tell if my cat Baxter is mad at me for leaving or upset that I'm back! Suffice to say, Amanda was a wonderful sitter. I got photos and updates every few days, and a video of Baxter showing off the likes of which I have never seen! When I returned home, my apartment was spotless and it was difficult to tell that anyone had been there. Thank you Amanda for taking such good care of my big boy Baxter!"   trusted housesitters
  17. "Brilliant... I just wish we could get Amanda to sit all the times we are away! Our little puppy just fell in love with her as soon as she walked in the door and is missing her now she has gone. Amanda asked all the right questions on arrival and she was even detailed enough to clean LeiLu's ears. The house was left spotless and Amanda had even washed her sheets and towels. We could not fault her and can not recommend her highly enough. We have house sat oursleves so we were very particular in choosing the right person and we are glad we got it right with Amanda. We can only wish her all the best and hope to see her again."   trusted housesitters
  18. "Wow, Amanda was wonderful. She arrived the night before we left, bonded with our three dogs straight away, and we felt so reassured that we were leaving them in the best possible hands. She sent us daily updates, which I looked forward to every evening ... this really made the holiday for me. She ensured our old dog got his arthritis pill and gave them plenty of exercise, play and attention. And she left the house immaculate, it really could not have been better. I would agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviewer who said, if you are lucky enough to get an offer from Amanda, snap her up! Thank you so much, Amanda."   trusted housesitters
  19. "Amanda was a wonderful pet-sitter for our two kitties. She took an instant liking to our girls, and they quickly warmed to her. Amanda valued how important they are to us and gave us updates and photos during our vacation to keep our minds at ease. She was very flexible and ensured that she could arrive the day before we left so we could introduce her to the cats and go through the procedures face-to-face. We came home to a clean apartment and, most importantly, calm and well-loved kitties. We absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a petsitter, and we would be more than happy to have her back here in Stockholm. Sincerely, Tamara and Jonathan (and Reese & Penny!)"   trusted housesitters
  20. "Amanda was great. Tidy, timely and super friendly. I came back to find a very happy dog."   trusted housesitters
  21. "I would recommend Amanda to care for any home or pets. I use housesitters often and I can say that she has proven to be the most knowledgable and conscientious sitter I've had the pleasure to meet. Her mindful attention to details such as how environmental factors affected my pets' well-being were such helpful insights and have done wonders to make mine happier and healthier. I'm sure they miss her greatly as she clearly stole all their hearts from day one. Amanda is a remarkably capable caretaker and I hope to book her again soon. Thank you again from Sam and the motley crew in Denmark"   direct booking
  22. "Amanda is one of the best housesitters I have had the good fortune to meet. She is empathetic, kind, resourceful and efficient. Nothing was too much trouble for her. One of my dogs had needed stitches for a wound which happened shortly before she came but she administered to his needs brilliantly. Amanda took the trouble to update me daily and sent photos of them both so I was reassured that the patient was doing well! Both dogs loved her and I am sure they missed her after I returned home. In addition to caring for the dogs ,the house was kept tidy and clean. It rained a lot of the time during her stay but the dogs were walked regularly. Keeping the house clean is not easy to do when muddy dogs come in from the garden in wet weather ! Amanda would be very welcome to return here in the future. If you are lucky enough to receive an application from her snap her up! Thank you Amanda!"   trusted housesitters
  23. "Amanda cared for our 19 pet household exceptionally well! We were so pleased with her complete ease of care, extensive knowledge, and clear professionalism. She was totally independent for 8 weeks, handled and solved multiple household problems and repairs, and performed wound and medical care for several of our pets. We loved her updates of pet observations and photos!! Our home was clean when we returned and all animals were obviously very well cared for. We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by our large dog who was even given a proper grooming and nail trim! Thank you so much Amanda for all your attention and care and for giving us such a relaxed and peaceful holiday knowing you had it handled! We hope to see you again!!"   house carers
  24. "Amanda is an absolutely brilliant house and pet sitter! My pets adored her and she left my home immaculate. She was so thoughtful, leaving the tv on when she left because she knew I wasn't due home for a couple of hours. She sorted out the litter tray ( not fun!) and changed my bedding. Would 100% recommend Amanda."   trusted housesitters
  25. "Amanda is amazing! She took great care of my 3 dogs and 3 chickens and spent a lot of time with them during my 2 month vacation. She even managed to give ears meds to little terrier Mac who is quite resistant to having his ears touched. She fixed special treats for chickens and gave Toops the crossbeak girl extra attention. All animals were healthy, calm and happy upon my return. She also has a green thumb, kept veggie garden watered through a hot summer and tomatoes and zucchini are huge! The house was quite clean and there were no problems with anything. She is a kind animal lover, honest, clean and communicates well. I recommend Amanda without reservations."   direct booking
  26. "Simply put- Amanda is a professional housesitter! From the very beginning she asked several thorough questions to determine even the smallest of details in order to provide maximum care and attention to our home and pets while we were away. Amanda sent us regular updates and pictures during our vacation which was much appreciated. We had peace of mind during our entire trip knowing Amanda was at the helm. Upon return, our house was spotless and pets happy! If you land Amanda you hit the jackpot!!!"   trusted housesitters
  27. "Amanda was great! She was excellent with our energetic and sometimes crazy dog. We felt very comfortable leaving him in her care. She took excellent care of our house and left it perfectly clean. She was easy to communicate with and very personable. We would definitely use her again and highly recommend her."   trusted housesitters
  28. "Amanda is a lovely and enthusiastic person. She obviously loves animals and my cats seemed very content in her company. Amanda regularly send me little updates with pictures of the cats. The house was tidy when I came back home. All her experience makes her an excellent housesitter."   trusted housesitters
  29. "If you are fortunate enough to have Amanda offer to look after your home and pets - take it up before someone else does ! I'm almost loathe to say this as we may have trouble getting her back for ourselves. When we wanted to go on holiday for 2 weeks at Greek Easter we needed to be sure that our sitter could deal with the unforeseen as we have 5 dogs ( and a cat ) - 2 of the females were in season at the time and had to be walked separately, so we needed an incredibly responsible and careful person. Amanda agreed to stay and look after our pets, house AND vegetable garden. Amanda is a lovely person. She is very friendly, intelligent, trustworthy and responsible. She has travelled extensively and has the experience to deal with probably any situation that could arise. The house was cleaner when we got back than when we left and Amanda told me things she'd observed about the dogs that I hadn't noticed myself. She gave me lots of brilliant advice about how to deal with some unacceptable behaviour our puppy, Danny was displaying ; I really hope she'll sit for us again - soon."   trusted housesitters
  30. "We went on holiday and returned to a house and pack of dogs that were all happier and cleaner than we left them. Book Amanda immediately if she's in your country and if not, do whatever it takes to get her there!"   direct booking 
  31. "Thank you very much for the help for my Tarcin and staying our home in Turkey. It has been a wonderful journey and vacation for me that I knew you have taken care of Tarcin with all the love and care. You are responsible, punctual, well organized person. I am glad to know you. I would like to use your services in the future if mutual timing allows us. I wish you all the best for the future plans and look forward to meet you again."   house carers
  32. "Amanda did a wonderful job. She was punctual in everything and a loving dear to my two beloved cats. I loved her regular updates with pictures. Very self-reliant I had no worries at all while on my trip. The animals were very good taken care off, relaxed and happy when I came home. The house looked clean and tidy. Perfect all around! Glad I could book Amanda right away for my next two trips. Thank you Amanda!"   trusted housesitters
  33. "Fantastic house sitter, highly recommended. Great levels of communication, our house was as we left it."   trusted housesitters
  34. "Amanda has housesat for me twice, and my three cats just loved her. Even the one who hates everyone and usually hides in a cupboard when there are strangers around! The second time she came he smooched her right up. It made me kind of jealous but also happy :-). You can trust Amanda with your home and your pets, she is great. Highly recommended!"   trusted housesitters
  35. "Amanda house sat for me for three weeks and took great care of my three adorable cats and my fish, I had a wonderful relaxed holiday with regular updates on their well being. When I arrived home my animals were very settled and contented and I could tell they had been happy and well cared for, I have already offered this lady the next house sit should she want it before I advertise as I know my home and animals will be in great hands. I therefore highly recommend this lady to care for your home and your pets."   house carers
  36. "Amanda had the daunting task of looking after a multi cat household, plus kittens and one sick animal. She looked after my cats (and kittens) extremely well. She also had to keep the wood burning Aga going, as no gas central heating. She most likely had the hardest house sit here she's ever had, with constant cleaning! I can only say Amanda did a marvellous job, and she's welcome back here anytime."   trusted housesitters
  37. "From the first contact Amanda was professional, friendly and accommodating. We felt sure that our dog Lola would be in good hands. She was a pleasure to meet and spend time with. Whilst away we had regular updates on Lola and Amanda was prompt in replying to any contact we made with her. On our return it was obvious that Lola and our home had been well taken care of. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amanda."   trusted housesitters
  38. "Amanda was very caring, she took very good care of our cats and the house was kept spotless. I would recommend Amanda as a great pet and house sitter!!!!"   trusted housesitters
  39. "Amanda was wonderful, she cared for our dogs and chickens as if they were her own. She was in touch daily by email, and kept us up to date with life at home. Our home was well maintained and clean when we returned. Would not hesitate to invite Amanda back again, or to recommend her to someone else."   trusted housesitters
  40. "Excellent sitter. Amanda has sat for my four dogs and watched my home many times. My dogs are well cared for and they love her. My home is always clean and neat when I come home and the plants are watered, trash cans out and paper and mail all picked up and in a pile as requested."   direct booking
  41. "Highly, highly recommended! Amanda is the most compassionate animal-lover I've met.  I have had such pleasant experiences with Amanda caring for my dogs and chickens. She is extremely professional and takes care of everything so you can have a real vacation and not worry about a thing at home." - direct booking
  42. "Amanda was a fantastic pet sitter! She was great with our dogs, professional and loving. We will definitely be using her services again!"   direct booking
  43. "I absolutely recommend Amanda to care for any multi-pet household. She has cared for my small zoo several times and every time I have 200% trusted her. Her last multi-week long housesit involved ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, 6 cats, 4 dogs, and multiple large fresh and salt water aquarium tanks. The workload is no small feat. Amanda has been consistently thoughtful, capable, confident, resourceful and independent."   direct booking
  44. "Amanda has sat for us many times and as much as we love her, I know our dogs love her even more! Thank you Amanda for your gracious understanding and love of animals and your outstanding care of our quite special home! Walking Huskies and wolves is no small feat, especially in the PNW! Our dogs all love and respect you so much and they're always so content and relaxed when we get home. It's priceless! We cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile and vacuuming up all the crazy dog hair and for cleaning and making the bed up for us so we could go right to sleep when we got home!"   direct booking