British Slang Words To Know Before Visiting the UK

80 British Words To Know Before Visiting the UK

If you're a tourist, especially an American visiting Britain, you may want to brush up on some local slang ahead of time so you don’t get too confused. Here are some commonly used words, phrases, and expressions to know before you go!

A&E  accident and emergency hospital

All right?  
hi / how are you


Aubergine  eggplant 


Bang-up  Good


Bangers and Mash  sausages and mashed potatoes 


Barrister  lawyer


Bin  trash can


Bits and Bobs  things to do or buy 


Bobby  police officer


Bog  toilet


Bog roll  toilet paper


Bollocks  nonsense


Bonnet  hood of a car


Boot  trunk of a car 


Brilliant  well done


Buggy  stroller


Car Park  parking lot


Cheers  thanks


Chips  french fries


Chiropodist  podiatrist 


Coach  long distance bus


Coriander  cilantro


Courgette  zucchini


Crisps  potato chips


Cuppa  a cup of tea


Daft  foolish


Drink Driving  drunk driving


Electric Fire  space heater


Fag  cigarette


Fair Enough  ok / alright


Fairy Lights  string lights 


Fancy  to like / love something or someone


Fiz  champagne 


Fizzy  a carbonated beverage


Flannel  washcloth 


Flat  apartment 


Fringe  bangs


Footpath  sidewalk


Full Stop  grammatical period


Gherkin  pickle 


Git  moron


Glow Up  to better yourself 


Grit Bin  roadside box full of salt / grit to spread on icy roads 


Gobsmacked  shocked


Gutted  devastated


Hamper  picnic / gift basket 


Hen Night  bachelorette party


Hire  to rent something


Hob  stovetop


Hoover  to vacuum


Jab  vaccination


Jacket  baked potato with skin


Jumper  sweater 


Kitchen Roll  paper towels


Knock Up  to wake someone up 


Larder  storage pantry in a kitchen 


Let  to rent / lease


Lift  elevator 


Loo  toilet


Loo Roll  toilet paper


Lorry  a large motortruck


Lurgy  a cold / flu


Mange Tout  snow or snap peas


Mash  mashed potatoes or other root vegetables


Mate  friend


Meant to  Supposed to


Mobile  cell phone


Mod  well-dressed person


Moggy  cat


Mushy Peas  mashed peas


Nappies  diapers 


Offer  sale 


Pants  underwear


Paracetamol  acetaminophen 


Peckish  hungry 


Petrol  gasoline


Petrol Station  gas station 


Pissed  drunk


Plaster  bandaid


Post  mail


Pram  stroller


Pud  dessert


Pull  to attract a date 


Queue  a line or a wait 


Quid  one pound / currency 


Rashers  bacon


Ring  to call someone on the phone


Rocket  arugula 


Rubbish  garbage


Rucksack  backpack


Sack  a bag to carry groceries


Sat Nav  satellite navigation / GPS


Singleton  a single person 


Skip  dumpster


Slip Road  entrance / exit ramp on or off a road


Snog  to make out  


Solicitor  lawyer


Sorted  to plan / organize


Spotted Dick  a pudding


Stag Do  bachelor party 


Stile  a fence / stair combo that people climb over but animals can’t 


Surgery  doctor's office


Swede  rutabaga


Swimming Costume  bathing suit


Taking the Piss  joking around


Tea Towel  dishtowel


Torch  flashlight 


Trainers  sneakers


Trolly  shopping cart


Trousers  pants


Veg  vegetables


Voucher  coupon 


Washing up liquid  dish soap


Wellies  Wellington rain boots 


Whilst  while


Zebra crossing  crosswalk


Zed  the letter z 


These essential phrases will help you get by a bit easier when visiting Britain. If heading to the UK via the tunnel from France, you might also want to learn how to sound French to complete your journey. You will blend in easier by learning some local lingo!

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