Fun, Food and Castles

Fun, Food and Castles

Once upon a time, in a castle far, far away...


In northern Italy, in the old town of Fontanellato to be exact, is the Rocca Sanvitale, aka the Sanvitale Castle. Originally the home of the Count of Sanvitale, the castle was built in the 13th century, when castle-homes were common in medieval communes in Italy. 


Surrounded by an arcaded town, encircled by a moat and accessed via drawbridge, this fortress is an impressive sight to see. Its stunning architecture is complimented by an interior courtyard, gardens and beautiful frescos that date all the way back to 1523!

Sanvitale Castle

Castle Street Food was a brilliant idea started in 2015 to both highlight quality food trucks and showcase the historic treasures the castles are.

It's quite the ultimate sensory experience, with beautiful sights to see, delicious aromas to smell and food to eat, drinks to drink, and lovely music coming from speakers strategically placed in the castle turrets. So cool.


Definitely a fun and exciting way to spend a day, and stuff yourself with food (which just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite activities).

And now for the food! So much food! I found quite the selection of vegan eats!


I found a very decent veggie burger that came with a huge pile of fries and a beer for only 8 euros! That alone is super impressive.


Then I found the yummiest stuffed olives, with delicious quinoa inside, breaded and deep-fried! Tasty, chewy, yum! Seriously!


And lastly, a vegan gelato cone! Dark chocolate or vanilla, they asked. Both, I said. The answer is always both.

I was lucky enough to stumble into the event on Halloween (also my all-time favorite holiday). Such a beautiful time to be in northern Italy, where everything seems just perfect, especially the weather.

Pumpkins in moat of castle

I was lucky enough to stumble into the event on Halloween (also my all-time favorite It was so exciting to see all the festive fall and holiday decorations, people dressed in Halloween costumes, and even hundreds of orange pumpkins dancing about in the castle's moat!