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i'm a full-time international petsitter

I've completed 150+ housesits for happy clients! I have 15+ yrs of professional pet andhouse sitting experience & have owned my own dog walking/pet sitting business with 100+ recurring clients. I have 10+ yrs of vet tech experience in emergency, surgery & hospice veterinary medicine. I've studied veterinary technology, animal behavior & worked in rescue, adoptions, feral cat TNR, grooming & nutrition. I have the expertise to monitor mood, behavior and vital signs, as well as administer medications, fluids, treatments, post op care, physical therapy and emergency protocol such as CPR.


I can do grooming such as nail trims, teeth brushings, ear cleanings, baths, trims and more. I'm competent with all species, having personally parented 30+ animals and professionally pet-sat cats, dogs, birds, poultry, fish, reptiles, spiders, exotics, small animals, large animals, farm animals & wildlife! 


I bring a compassionate nature, a unique skill set and an extraordinary wealth of personal and professional experience! As a 25+ yr ethical vegan, I have great love and respect for all animals which helps me ensure they always feel safe, happy & loved!


Read a collection of pet sitting testimonials from previous clients here. 

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Pre-booked clients can go to the homeowner portal for housesitting agreements and send documents directly to Reimbursements and tips can be sent securely via PayPal

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