frequently asked questions


1. why is this called burger abroad?

1. My last name is Burger and I travel abroad.

2. It implies both food and travel.

3. I write about both food and travel.

4. I'm vegan and my last name is Burger and that's ironic.

5. I like to eat vegan burgers while abroad and that's funny.

6. People like burgers because they're awesome. 

7. People like alliteration because it's soothing.

8. Being at the top of the alphabet is helpful.

9. Being easy to say, spell, and remember is also helpful. 

10. My misanthropic world views are like Karl's in An Idiot Abroad and that's ironic and funny.

2. what is a full-time traveler?

Someone that travels permanently and therefore has no home or no base. In other words, is voluntary homeless. All 40 things I own fit into one carryon bag that weighs 11 pounds and I go from house to house like a hermit crab. See how I do it, some lessons learned, and read my tips and tools.

3. how do you travel full-time?

4. how do you support yourself?

Well, Nosey McNoserson, from travel blogging and housesitting. More on housesitting here and travel blogging here. And here's how to make money travel blogging. Plus, you can support me on patreon and get rewards in return and you can also buy me a burger!

5. what is housesitting?

Housesitting is a service where a sitter lives in a home while the homeowners go on vacation, by exchanging their care and care for their pets. It lets you live in luxurious homes for free all around the world. Sign up with Trusted Housesitters here for a 20% discount.

6. what is petsitting?

Petsitting is housesitting, but in addition to the house, you also you take care of (and love) someone's pet animals while they are away. You are there to help them feel safe, secure, loved, and ensure that their exercise, diet and daily routines are uninterrupted. 

7. how can i start housesitting?

8. how can i start a travel blog?

Easy! Check out how to start a travel blog, make money, and travel the world and find some more tips here. And definitely get started by using Jimdo!

9. how do you travel light?

I'm a light, zero waste, and not only carry-on only, but under-seat only. So I only own what I need and it totals 11 pounds (5 kgs), to stay under every airlines' carry-on weight allowance. It makes life easier, lighter, cheaper, safer, and simpler. I breeze through airport security, skip baggage claims, and never use those darn overhead bins on planes. Here's a list of what i own.

10. how do you travel solo?

Well, I think it's quite easy and fun to do whatever I want without comprising with anyone ever. But then again, I'm a lone wolf and an introvert. I’m an experienced traveler, but as long as you are confident and present in your surroundings, then your own intuition will usually guide you just fine. More: 10 tips to stay safe as a solo female traveler, and the Top 10 questions solo travelers are tired of hearing.

11. where have you been? / how many countries?

So far, I've been around a bit. 32 countries and 5 continents. I like to return to and spend time in the places I really love, so my country count number usually doesn't climb that fast. I don't have a master plan. I mostly just go wherever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. Which I think is the best way to travel. 

12. is it hard to travel as a vegan? / what do you eat?

Food! I eat food! Plant-based food from the actual earth! I eat a lot. All the time. All around the world. It's not hard at all. I can find yummy meals at most any restaurant in the world, whether it's vegan or not, not to mention street food, grocery stores, and farmers markets. I use all these helpful apps to help find and order food. Check out the food articles. Peep vegan city guides. Drool over vegan burgers around the world. I also made a giant vegan travel directory with even more resources.

13. why are you vegan?

I'm a longtime ethical vegan, (24+ years), which means I don't eat, use or wear body parts. I've studied biology and veterinary medicine, and I believe that animals are sentient beings and do not want to feel pain, fear, suffering, or have their lives taken. Not to mention that animal agriculture is destroying the planet I live on. Go here to learn more! And here's the top 10 things vegans are tired of hearing.

14. where are you from?

I'm American, but my ancestry is mostly German. Hence the Burger. German to the max.

15. how many languages do you speak?

I can get by in Spanish, but it's probably Spanglish, so just English. It's the plight of the Americans. 

16. what are your favorite places in the world?

Iceland is my all time favorite. Then Holland, the Pacific Northwest, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.

17. where do you travel to most often?

AmsterdamReykjavikBrightonPortland and Albuquerque. Yes, there's a theme... Good vibes, tasty foods, local brews, sweet views, and great weather are my jams.

18. what did you do before this?

Before I started housesitting internationally, I used to do it locally, as a full-time job. I ran my own dog walking and pet sitting business. I was also a vet tech for a decade, in specialty surgery and emergency medicine. I've also worked in animal nutrition, grooming, hospice, adoptions and feral TNR. Before that, I was a professional artist. And a model. There's a tad more personal stuff here if you're so inclined.

19. what camera do you use?

No camera at all. An iPhone and an iPad. Cult of Mac. Always and forever. Check fav shots.

20. why don't you take selfies?

21. can you you advertise my business?

Maybe! If I like it. (And if you pay me.) To partner with me, head here

22. can we collaborate on a post / promotion / event?

We sure can, if it fits and I have the time. Go here and shoot me a message all about it. 

23. can you review my product or service?

Sure, if you can send it to me or if I'm in the area and it's awesome! Go here to work with me

24. can we connect on social media?

You can connect here. Check what's new on the live feeds. Get the newsletter. Join the community

25. can i book you to housesit?

Maybe! Check my availability and send me a booking request here and I'll see if I can help out.

26. can i get a postcard?

You sure can! Sign up for my patreon community!

27. can i travel with you / date you?

Chances of that are slim to none. You'd have to be as cool as me. We're talking level 10 coolness here.

28. can you help me with immigration / visas?

I have enough problems with immigration as it is, but check my resources page for travel planning info.

29. what sites do you recommend for booking travel?

Go to my resources page for everything I use.

30. can you answer a question on (city / country) ?

Maybe. Check if your country is here, or if I've been to it here. I've been to a ton more places before I started this site, so I have a lot more destination specific knowledge in my head than is listed. 

31. can i ask you more questions?

Sure! Signup to my patreon feed and you can ask me questions every month.

32. how can i get this theme?

Well, this is not wordpress, this is Jimdo, and Jimdo allows you to change your templates, styles and just about everything else as often as you want, so I tweak mine often. More on how to start a travel blog.

33. what's the deal with the newsletter?

It's a monthly-ish summary of the latest articles, updates, and other new or interesting travel-related things. You can sign up for it here, and unsubscribe anytime. It's also spam-free. (Because I'm vegan.)

34. is it hard to be zero waste during travel?

No, it definitely can be done pretty easily and it's not that hard at all! I've collected all my best tips and recommendations for the ultimate guide to zero waste travel: 40 tips to go green