Best Food Delivery in Bangkok

Best Food Delivery in Bangkok

Pranaa is a plant-based food delivery in Bangkok that offers a different main, snack, and smoothie daily.


Here's why I think it's the best, most nutritious and delicious food delivery choice in the city!

fresh food made daily

Choose from 10, 20, or 30 day package options that will get you a set number of daily meals.


Each meal comes with a main with choices of Thai, Asian, or Western styles, plus a snack and a smoothie.


It's all made fresh daily, all plant-based whole foods, and with no added oils.

changing weekly menus

Every day is different, every week is different, so you'll never get bored because every single combo will be totally different. 

select your main style

All you have to do is choose what style main you want and that's it.


Zero planning, prep, or thinking required!


Just instant good food! 


Pranaa's genius is not only variety, it's also taste.


Everything is delicious.

enjoy tasty food delivered

Get easy, fast, and free delivery anywhere in central Bangkok.


It's on time, it's fresh, it's yummy, it's fantastic.


Here's a roundup of everything I got to sample. 

tofu nung se ew

Tofu Nung Se Ew Pranaa

Tofu Nung Se Ew

Potato Tikki

Red Smoothie

spaghetti pesto

Spaghetti Pesto Pranaa

Spaghetti Pesto

Orange Zest Salad

Orange Smoothie

quinoa burger

Quinoa Burger Pranaa

Quinoa Burger

Corn Soup

Green Smoothie

breakfast burrito

Breakfast Burrito Pranaa

Breakfast Burrito

Black Chana Salad

White Smoothie

pad thai

Pad Thai Pranaa

Pad Thai

Passion Fruit Salad

Orange Smoothie

black chana curry

Black Chana Curry Pranaa

Black Chana Curry

Stuffed Green Peppers

Yellow Smoothie

tofu chinese red sauce

Tofu Chinese Red Sauce Pranaa

Tofu Chinese Red Sauce

Tabouleh Salad

Green Smoothie

methi potato and Sambar daal

Methi Potato & Sambar Daal Pranaa

Methi Potato & Sambar Daal

Mushroom Soup

White Smoothie

chickpea pad pong curry

Chickpea Pad Pong Curry Pranaa

Chickpea Pad Pong Curry

Spinach Soup

Red Smoothie

jambalaya rice

Jambalaya Rice Pranaa

Jambalaya Rice

Quinoa Salad

Orange Smoothie

okra and daal

Okra & Daal Pranaa

Okra & Daal 

Baked Potatoes

Yellow Smoothie

order pranaa

Do your mouth a favor and order food from Pranaa.


Check their website for more info and current menus.