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about the website

About the website

1. why is this called burger abroad?

My name’s Burger and I travel abroad.
It implies food and travel. 
I write about food and travel.
I'm a vegan named Burger and that's ironic. 
I eat burgers abroad and that's also ironic.
People like burgers because they're awesome. 
People like alliteration because it's soothing.
Being at the top of the alphabet is helpful. 
Being easy to say, spell, and remember is also helpful. 
Americans are called burgers abroad and that's funny.
Women are sometimes called broads which is kindof funny.
My travel fails are like An Idiot Abroad which is really funny.
Burger is citizen in Dutch, and Citizen Abroad sounds cool.
To dispel the meat myththe best burgers are plant-based.

2. How can i start a blog?

3. How can i get this layout?

In Jimdo, you have complete creative control over everything, so I tweak things often because it's fun. The current template is Reykjavik.

4. Where did the comments go?

Into oblivion! Can’t spend anymore time culling spam every day so I turned them off.

5. Where did the newsletter go?

Also into oblivion! Stay updated via social media, subscribe to the rss feed, or just plain old read it when you want.

about my lifestyle

About my lifestyle

6. Why are you traveling?

I'm allergic to monotony. I’ve always lived in different places, but was never happy in any little box made out of ticky tacky, or working at any job, and I never liked paying bills either. I've been semi-nomadic for 25 years and full-time nomadic for 7 years.

7. What is slow travel?

Slow travel is the mindful experience of being an explorer, not a tourist. Instead of a few days running around, slow travel is spending quality time living like a local. 

8. How do you afford to travel?

Well, Nosey McNoserson, by living bill freehousesitting for free accommodation, and this travel blog for income. Since you're so involved in my money, go buy me burgers!

9. Is traveling full-time tiring?

No, because I'm not traveling constantly. I travel slow, so I stay a while in one place, and usually only travel every 1, 2, or 3 months when I move to the next location.

10. what is housesitting?

Housesitting is when a sitter lives in a home while the homeowners go on vacation to care for the pets and home and in exchange for free accommodation.

11. How do you travel solo?

I was born this way. I am solo, so I just go. I enjoy being introverted and I also think it's fun to do whatever I want, whenever I want, without comprising with anyone, ever.

12. Do you ever get lonely or bored?

No, that's impossible since I always live in new places, in awesome homes with sweet pets, endless amenities and entertainment, tons of food to eat, and nature to explore.

13. how do you travel so light?

As a minimalist, I travel light, not only carry-on only, but under-seat only. I own 5 kgs total. It's cheaper, safer, and simpler. I breeze through security, skip baggage claims, and laugh at overhead bins. A capsule wardrobe is perfect for travel since it's quick and easy to clean and wear.

14. what is zero waste?

Zero waste is aiming to re-use, reduce, recycle and compost, avoid disposables, and create minimal trash. A lifestyle of voluntary simplicity aims to reduce consumption.

15. why are you vegan?

I'm a longtime ethical vegan of 27 years because I love animals. The tasty eats we all love are available everywhere made out of plants. See quotes, questions, and movies.

16. Is vegan travel easy?

Super easy. I eat a lot, all the time, everywhere. It's easy to find meals at any restaurant, street stall or market. I use these apps to find food and to translate. See foodthe burger hall of fame, and top 100 world eats on instagram.

17. Where are your recipes?

Nowhere. I don't cook. There's no need to do manual labor when there's delicious food prepared by passionate chefs all around the world. I travel to eat like Bourdain.

about me

About me

18. Where have you been?

I've lived in 30 cities in 12 states in the US, and in 65 more countries, but I have no base or home. I dont like counting countries, instead I travel slow, go where I want, and stay where I love. Go to destinations for more country stories.

19. What did you do before?

Before housesitting internationally, I ran a petsitting biz, was a vet tech for a decade, and before that, an artist. So, I was gathering a very particular set of skills to petsit animals and be a travel writer. Just like Neeson.

20. what's your daily life like?

I slowly wander the world, have mostly one-way conventions with animals, and try to find interesting things to do between meals. I’m out eating foodexploring citieswalking in nature, or home snuggling petswriting stories, or watching movies. I don't cook, clean, work, workout, have bills, a schedule, alarm clock, or anything else that sucks.

21. what are your favorite destinations?

I love SeoulReykjavikAmsterdam, Chiang Mai, Brighton, and Portland. I fall fast in love with easy living and great foods. So I live in these cities pretty often.

22. Why are you incognito?

Since I travel solo, it’s safer for me to blend in with locals. Also, in most reviews I do, I can participate without the staff knowing who I am so my experience is authentic.

23. Why don’t you take selfies?

Because they're ridiculous and I hate them. Point the camera at the subject, not yourself. That's bass ackwards.

24. what sites do you use to travel?

Go to resources for everything I usethings to do for how, apps I use to travel, and free travel discounts for codes you can use to save money and get cheaper stuff.