frequently asked questions

Because I get asked a lot of questions, by a lot of people, a lot of the time. Here's what I hear on the regular. So check out this mega list because your question is on it. I mean, you're welcome!

about working together:

can you advertise my business on your site?

Maybe! If it fits, I like it, and you pay me. I don't do link swaps. I'm happy to create a mutually beneficial partnership, but I don't work for free because I like to eat. For sponsored content, advertisements, affiliate and brand partnerships, work with me

can you review my product or service?

I sure can if I'm in the area or you can send it to me. Go here to work with me

about the website:

why is this called burger abroad?

  • My last name is Burger and I travel abroad.
  • It implies both food and travel.
  • I write about both food and travel.
  • I'm vegan and my last name is Burger and that's ironic.
  • I like to eat vegan burgers while abroad and that's funny.
  • People like burgers because they're awesome. 
  • People like alliteration because it's soothing.
  • Being at the top of the alphabet is helpful.
  • Being easy to say, spell, and remember is also helpful. 
  • My misanthropic world views are not unlike Karl's in An Idiot Abroad and that's both ironic and funny.
  • So meta, you guys.

how can i start a travel blog?

Check out how to start a travel blog, find some more tips here, and see how to make money travel blogging. Get started by using Jimdo!

how can i get this theme?

This isn't wordpress (so no boring over-used theme), this is Jimdo, which allows you to change your layout, styles, colors, and anything else, whenever you want, and for free, so - I tweak mine often! It's really fun. More on how to start a travel blog.

how can we get connected?

Connect with burger abroad on twitterfacebookgoogle+instagram, and pinterest. Get the free monthly newsletter for the cliff-notes version and new posts to your inbox.

where did all the comments go?

Into oblivion! I didn't want spend any more of my precious time culling spam every darn day so I turned them off.

about my lifestyle:

how long have you been traveling? & why?

I'm allergic to monotony. I was never really happy in any little box made out of ticky tacky. Or going to work at any job. I never really liked paying bills either. So in 2014, I finally had to break free of the rat race. I put my stuff in a bag, sold everything else, gave up my apartment, morphed into a full-time traveler, and never looked back.

what is a full-time traveler?

Someone that travels permanently, has no home or base, and is voluntary homeless. All 40 things I own fit into one bag that weighs 11 pounds and I go from house to house like a hermit crab. See how I do it, things I do before travel, and tips and tools.

how do you travel full-time?

Magic. No. By housesitting, for free accommodation. And this travel blog, for income. So, both. Check out: How I travel Full time, How I Spent Only $6K in One Year of Travel, Tips and Tools to Travel Full-time.

is traveling full-time tiring?

No, because I'm not traveling constantly. I like slow travel. I often spend months at a time in one spot, which means I can explore at my own pace and really get to know a city. So I only really travel once every 1 or 2 months to move to the next location. 

what is housesitting?

Housesitting is when a sitter lives in a home while the homeowners go on vacation, and they exchange their attention for the home and care for pets. Housesitting allows travelers to live in luxurious homes for free all around the world. 

what is petsitting?

Petsitting is housesitting, plus caring for pets. A live-in petsitter is better than boarding for pets because it allows them to stay at home, helping them feel safe, secure, and loved, and ensuring their normal diet and routines are uninterrupted. 

how can i start housesitting?

how do you travel so light?

As a minimalist, I travel light, and not only carry-on only, but under-seat only. I only own what I need, (11 pounds) to stay under airline rules. It's cheaper, safer, and simpler. I breeze by security, skip baggage claims, and laugh at overhead bins. A capsule wardrobe is ideal for travel because it's quick and easy to clean and wear.

how do you travel on a budget?

how do you travel solo?

I was born this way. I am a solo, so I just go. I enjoy being introverted and I also think it's pretty fun to do whatever I want, whenever I want, without comprising with anyone.

what is zero waste?

Zero waste means being mindful of avoiding plastics and disposables, aiming to re-use, reduce, recycle and compost, and create as little trash as possible. Start with my guide to zero waste travelzero waste products, and make your own products.

why are you vegan?

I'm a longtime ethical vegan (26+ yrs). This is for animals, who are sentient beings that don't deserve abuse; for the planet animal agriculture is destroying; and for my health as a plant eater. The delicious foods we all love exist made of plants all over the world. See quotesquestions vegans are tired of, and learn more by watching movies.

what do you eat?

Food! Plant-based food from the actual earth! I eat a lot, all the time, all around the world. It's easy to find yummy eats at any restaurant, street food, shop, or market. I use these apps to find food and this one for translating. See more food and burgers

about me:

where are you from? / where have you been?

I'm American, with German ancestry. I've lived in 50+ cities in 12+ states and have been living in and traveling through 50+ countries all my life, yet I have no base and there's no place I call home. I enjoy traveling slow and spending time in places I love, so I mostly go wherever/whenever I want. Which is the best way to go!

what sites do you use to travel?

Go to resources for everything I use and recommend, things to do for how, and apps I use. 

how do you support yourself?

Well, Nosey McNoserson, from travel blogging and housesitting. Since you want to get involved in my income, why don't you go ahead and buy me a burger (or five)!

what camera do you use?

No camera at all. iPhone and iPad. Cult of Mac. Always and forever.

why don't you take selfies?

Because they're absolutely ridiculous. Point the camera at the subject, not yourself.

why do you travel incognito?

It's easier. I travel full-timesolo, so it's safer to blend in with locals, plus I hate selfies. In most of the food, hotel or attraction reviews I do, I can participate without the staff knowing I'm doing a review so that my experience is completely authentic.

what did you do before?

Before housesitting internationally, I ran my own pet sitting business. I was also a vet tech for a decade in emergency medicine, nutrition, grooming, hospice, adoption and TNR. Before that, I was a self-employed artist. So, you could say that I was gathering a very specific set of skills to petsit animals and write a blog - just like Neeson!

how did you get so untraditional?

The last place I lived in for a while was Portland, Oregon. Portlandia called it "the place where young people go to retire" because everyone there is doing passion projects instead of working traditional jobs. I never liked working anyways, and spending so much time living among the quirky Portlanders inspired me to retire, too!

what's your daily life like?

I love dining out so I'm often out for coffee, brunch, dinner, drinks, exploring nature or interesting things around town, or getting in water. Or I'm home walking dogs, snuggling cats, writing stories, netflixing, and catching luxurious zzz's. I don't cook, clean, work, work out, have a schedule, alarm clock, bills, or anything else that sucks!

can i travel with you or date you?

Chances of that are slim. I'm a lone wolf. Plus you'd have to be as cool as me.

where are your recipes?

Nowhere! I don't cook! There's no need to, especially since there's so much delicious food being prepared by passionate, skilled professionals all around the world. Trying to eat on the cheap by doing manual labor is a total waste of time. I love trying regional cuisines and sampling original creations by local chefs. I travel to eat Bourdain-style!