Vegan Grilled Restaurant Ideas For Food Entrepreneurs

Vegan Grilled Restaurant Ideas for Food Entrepreneurs

People all over the world have suddenly gotten started eating healthier. It's more than just hype. For many, this is now their way of life. If you take the time to look around restaurants today, you'll find that even fast-food chains have started serving healthier options. Many restaurants have grown in size and income through catering to this healthier market. 

One of the easiest ways to start a healthy lifestyle is to go vegan. As a wide population starts to indulge in this kind of lifestyle, as an entrepreneur, you know that you have an attractive market here. It is an opportunity for you not to miss out on. Hence, the demand for vegan-themed restaurants. That said, if you're an entrepreneur looking for a restaurant idea, this article gives you a list of vegan-grilled ideas that you might want to venture into.

1. Greek Vegan Restaurant

Generally, Greek dishes are vegan-friendly. They're also fond of grilling as well. Their style of cooking is straightforward and fuss-free. But, it's very rich in flavors. The vegan lifestyle isn't a popular trend in Greece. However, if you study its cuisine and its dishes, you'll realize that a lot of it is plant-based.


Common examples of Greek favorites include:

  • Eliopsomo: a traditional Greek bread stuffed with olives
  • Briam: a meal out of baked vegetables
  • Grilled corn salad: of the more popular street foods you can serve as an appetizer
Greek hummus plate

2. Italian Vegan Restaurants

Italian food is like the favorite comfort food for many. There seems to be that weekend longing for a pasta night out with your favorite wine. But, for those of you that are health-conscious, pasta can also feel quite heavy. As an entrepreneur, you've got to find a way to continue to serve and reach out to the pasta lovers who are also finding their way towards a vegan lifestyle.


Your Italian restaurant can have the following vegan options:

  • Buckwheat lasagna with pumpkin cream
  • Grilled vegetables as a side dish
  • Creamy Portobello mushroom arancini, a bread-crumb stuffed veggie risotto 
  • Pasta salad with grilled vegetables
  • Oyster mushrooms with pesto pasta
Pasta dish

3. Vegan burger Restaurant

Burgers are an everyday favorite. If you'd like to appeal to the fast-food market, you can still serve this wide population of diners. To make your options healthier, grilled vegan burgers are great for you to start with. Take note that just because a burger is vegan, it doesn't mean that it's less mouthwatering than all the other burgers you've previously tried. To get the best state out of your vegan burgers, you should cook it on a flat top griddle. Any of these will work great as a flat top griddle for your restaurant. That way, you know you’re serving nothing but the best tasting and healthiest burgers for your restaurant diners.


Burger vegan recipes include:

  • Grilled veggie burger, where the patty is made of black beans, BBQ sauce, brown rice, panko bread crumbs, walnuts or other spices and sautéed onion with vegan nacho cheese.
  • Another variant of the grilled veggie burger could also include couscous instead of brown rice.
Vegan burger

4. Vegan Salad Restaurant

Salad stops are also becoming even more popular in the food industry. While there are still those who opt to prepare their salads at home, unfortunately, not everyone has the time on their hands. But, vegan salads? Aren't salads already vegan in itself? An area for you to be very careful with is with your toppings and dressing. You have to ensure that your dressings are also made from raw ingredients that are vegan-friendly.


Examples of grilled vegan salads to start your menu prep includes:

  • Grilled veggie salad with tahini dressing. The dressing is made only out of olive oil, tahini, salt, cumin, coriander, and ground black pepper
  • Grilled vegan Caesar salad
  • Roasted vegetable salad
Vegan salad

5. Vegan Pizza & Diner

Pizza houses are a favorite among families with young children, teenagers, and young adults, too. On lazy weekends, pizza is a favorite one-phone-number away solution to unhealthier dinners. You can appeal to a health-conscious market by offering vegan pizzas on your menu. Parents will thank you, too! It's an excellent way for them to trick their kids into having vegetables. The key is in choosing the right cheese to shy away from dairy if that's what you're aiming for in your pizza diner.


Here are sample pizza recipes for you to start:


Give it a go

Through this list, you can see that there are still numerous opportunities to serve the health-conscious market. Going meatless doesn't have to be so difficult. And, if this is a restaurant venture that you'd like to tread, it might be safe to say that you've made quite a good choice. As mentioned, numerous individuals are getting even more health-conscious than ever. Hence, a very lucrative market for a savvy food entrepreneur.