Travel Hack: Full-Time RVers

Travel Hack: Full-time RVers

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Young Full-Time RVers

Full-time RVing has become a hot new trend for adventurers everywhere. Just a few short years ago, RVing in general mostly appealed to the baby boomer generation and retirees. But, in recent times, the RV industry has been getting younger and younger.


RVing, and in particular, full timing, has gained popularity among the younger crowd for various reasons. Statistically, millennials prefer experiences over possessions. Studies show that millennials consider time freedom to be one of the greatest “luxuries.”


In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the reasons why full-time RVing has become the new “cool thing” for millennials, provide a little history on the trend, and provide some suggestions for people who want to get a taste of the RV life before making a long-term commitment.

How and When it all Began

Before we get into exactly why the full-time RVing lifestyle demographic is changing so rapidly, let’s cover a little of its history.


First of all, you should know that since around the 1920s, there has been some popularity of long-term motorized travel, beginning with folks like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They’d caravan for long periods of time in cars. Even though they’d sleep in tents, it helped promote the RV lifestyle and its experience driven mentality.

RVing lost some of its ubiquity during the great depression, but picked right back up in the 1950s. Once Winnebago began mass production in 1967, the entire game was forever changed. RVs became more comfortable, advanced, and flexible, attracting more enthusiasts than ever.


It wasn’t until about 1993 that the term “full-timing” became a relevant expression. Since then, full-timing has seen a steady increase in the US, with some reports claiming there are over one million full-time RVers today!


What attracts those full-timers now is the same thing that attracted them in the 30’s, 40’s, and 60’s. No matter where you go, you’re always home.

full-time RVers

Why Full-Timing is “in”

What makes full-time RVing so attractive to young people everywhere is the elegant simplicity. As noted earlier, millennials are the kind of people who may not buy into your shoe brand, but they’ll definitely buy a nice meal out with friends.


Why? Because study after study shows that young people care about having a good time more than purchasing the latest gadget (believe it or not).


In part, we have social media to thank for that. But, at the end of the day, many young people want to be surrounded by beauty at all times. They wanna live simply and enjoy the moment. Being tied down to a house, yard, maybe multiple cars, and other bills, just won’t cut it for them. When you’re a full-timer, you’ve got what millennials consider to be the biggest luxury of all; time freedom.


Millennials want to do what they want, when they want; just look at the research. RVing full-time provides them a sense of freedom and independence like nothing else. They’re sick of dealing with social pressures, and being victims of vacation shaming by their coworkers!


Although dealing with the stigma of being the lazy generation, generation Y actually takes less vacations than the generations before them (which is also a trend that’s starting to change, thanks in part, to RVing).


Time isn’t the only freedom of full-timing that’s drawing in young people by the flock. Financial freedom. Less bills means less problems (financially, at least). Gone are the days of struggling to keep a roof over your head with a million different other kinds of bills and insurances.


When full-time RVing, your main bills are the RV payment (if you’re financing), staying at rv parks and/or campgrounds, and gas. If you can afford car payments, you can afford an RV payment. With full-timing, you can watch your bills shrink by potentially thousands, per month.


Nature is always around us, often neglected. Younger travelers and adventurers are bucking that trend, and full-time RVing allows you to live simply and be closer to nature. Minimalism is another trend sweeping the nation, and by full-timing, the best of both worlds combine.


Experiencing a starry night with zero light pollution, hiking a long but colorful trail, making lifelong friends along the way, and learning more about other cultures is what many of us crave. We consistently trade material things for experiences and memories every day.

travel hack: full-time RVers

Getting a Taste of the RV Lifestyle

If you’re anything like the thousands of youngsters who want to get out and explore the world without being tied down, yet you’re not totally sure if it’s for you, maybe there’s a solution. Ignore the vacation shaming and try getting away in an RV for just a little while!


RVshare is the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. They’re a hub of thousands of high-quality RVs available to rent, for RVers, by RVers. The way it works is extremely creative, yet simple.

Owners list their own units on the site and anyone can look through a practically endless number of choices. Ranging from the smallest to the largest, the simplest to the most luxurious and technologically advanced, any family, of any size, from anywhere, can find the RV of their dreams. The peer-to-peer market is another familiarity to millennials; just picture Uber.


Starting at less than $10 per night, renting an RV is an easy and affordable way to take a few days out of the year and test out whether you fit the lifestyle. Go on vacation and just live.


Don’t stop with once, or even twice. RVing full-time is a major commitment and you should make sure you love it. It won’t always be ice cream and sunshine, but you may find that ditching the mortgage can be a very rewarding experience, just like those who have blazed the trail before you.


Millennials are an interesting and unique generation, that are oftentimes hard to understand. Even with as much research that’s constantly done on their habits and mentalities, perhaps we’ll never fully get them. What’s not so hard to get though, is why they’re becoming ever more engulfed in the RV lifestyle. Maybe soon, you’ll join them.