Coffee. Cookies. Cats. Albuquerque's Cat Cafe: Gatos y Galletas

Coffee. Cookies. Cats. Albuquerque's Cat Cafe: Gatos y Galletas

The cat cafe has come to the quirky city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. With coffee, cookies, and yoga! Gatos y Galletas offers a full coffee bar, veg*n food menu, fun music events, art, and a spacious lounge. 

In the cat lounge, the kitties get to play with toys, scratchers, furniture, and have a separate potty room. They even have window beds to lounge on in the sun and look out the window. They are all super social and get along well.


You can eat at a table or chill out in a chair or couch and let the cats sit on your lap and offer you some pets. If you're in need of a cat fix, this is definitely the place to be. 

The cafe's menu is definitely spectacular for vegetarians and vegans alike. I was super impressed at the variety and quality of all the vegan food, especially in foodie Albuquerque


There's an assortment of sides, salads, entrees, meals, tons of treats like cookies, cupcakes, and brownies and a full coffee bar with non-dairy milks, chai, tea, lemonade and more. I love that they also use renewable and compostable food and drink packaging, too.

the treats

Tasty veg*n foods include waffles, breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, spring rolls, nori rolls, buffalo cauliflower, mac and cheeze, gazpacho, succotash, tempeh & veggies with chimichurri, and a tofu shawarma wrap with tzatziki sauce.


The gazpacho was a light, refreshing summery, flavorful classic vegetable gazpacho soup. 

the food

I'm a huge sucker for vegan comfort foods and I was blown away by the amazing vegan mac and cheeze, housemade with cashew cheese and nutritional yeast. The perfect creamy cheesy combination on delicious chewy noodles. Loved it.


The tofu shawarma wrap was a sensory delight with savory, spicy flavors complimented by a cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. Wow. wow. wow.

the cats

Gatos y Galletas also hosts many fun local events such as yoga classes, movie nights, music events, art receptions, and more.


These sweet kitties at the cafe all need loving forever homes! They are from the local foster organization Fat Katz Abq. Do you have room for a kitty in your home?

cat mural at gatos y galletas cat cafe
meta cats

*This location has since closed. Check out lots more vegan eats in Abq!