Helsinki Walking Tour: Interesting Information about the Finnish Capital

Helsinki Walking Tour: Interesting Information about the Finnish Capital

If there's a corner of Europe that combines intriguing history and incredible architecture with a thirst for coffee and wooly jumpers, it's Scandinavia.

A Little about finland

Finland may not be as big as its neighboring states in Norway or Sweden, but it's just as interesting to visit.


Many residents speak highly of their nation, and it is Helsinki that happens to be the top city that Finns talk about.


You'll want to sign up for a Helsinki walking tour to explore the most of the city.


But before you do, let's take a look at some basic facts.

16 fascinating facts about helsinki

Finland is a socially oriented Nordic state, aiming for complete carbon neutrality by 2035.


It is also the happiest country in the world!


About 75% of its land area is forested, it has the world's largest archipelago, Europe's largest lake region, and the last corner of pristine wilderness - Lapland.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is famous for its design and architecture.


But what else could surprise you?…


Here are some more interesting facts about this city.

Helsinki street

1. Helsinki is one of the five best and safest cities in the world.

2. The city was founded in the summer of 1550 by order of the Swedish king, who moved into new territories as part of his subjects.


3. After the civil war, Helsinki became the capital of the newly independent state of Finland.


4. Until the end of the 19th century, Helsinki was inhabited mainly by Swedes.


5. Helsinki stands on the cliffs, so even the rivers within the city limits have real waterfalls.


6. Helsinki is divided into historical and modern parts, which are connected by a single subway line.


7. In Helsinki, the old streetcar depot is a huge cultural center, including exhibition halls, concert venues, museums, stores, and restaurants.


8. Movies in cinemas in Helsinki are usually shown with original sound, complemented by Swedish and Finnish subtitles.


9. Every winter, there is an international ice sculpture competition.


10. In Helsinki, there is a Lutheran Church, cut out entirely in the rock and covered with a glass dome.


11. In Helsinki is the largest water park in Northern Europe. In addition, the Finnish capital has the largest Northern European amusement park with 43 rides, slot machines, and other recreational facilities. The oldest carousel in the park was established in the late 19th century.


12. In the center of Helsinki there is an open-air island museum, where old wooden buildings were brought in from all over Finland. In addition to the museum, the island has a recreation area, restaurant, and two beaches, one of which is a nudist beach!


13. The first bridge to the island was built from trees fallen during the storm.


14. The length of bicycle paths in Helsinki exceeds 1,000 kilometers.


15. The symbols of Helsinki are maple and squirrel.


16. The capital is supplied with fresh water through the world's longest water pipeline, laid in the thickness of the rock.

Helsinki tram

In addition, the whole of Finland is safe for travelers - this is a country where 11 out of 12 lost wallets are returned to their owners.


But the Finnish capital, the city of Helsinki, is capable of impressing tourists coming from anywhere. 


So if it’s your first time in Helsinki and you want to get acquainted with the city and see the main sights, then enjoy a guided tour with