Brighton Vegan Bites: The Loving Hut

Brighton Vegan Bites: The Loving Hut

I'm a huge fan of the vegan restaurant chain The Loving Hut and always so happy to find them along my travels. I especially love that they incorporate local cuisine into their menus while still offering their classic delicious dishes.


The ever so foodie city of Brighton was the perfect place for me to stop into, because it's known for its love of comfort foods, so that means this location had - that's right - vegan burgers! 

vegan cheese burger from the loving hut

Being the vegan burger connoisseur I am, I had to sample a different kind of vegan burger here - The Happy Chik'n Burger. It was a super yummy chickeny-type patty with cheese, mayonnaise and lettuce and tomato. Perfect burger balance.

This location actually boasts 4 different burgers on their menu, in addition to hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fish sandwiches, and tofu scrambles. 


Other notable delicious menu items include the surprisingly tasty cauliflower corn cake and the classic stir-fry dish of fresh vegetables, tofu and noodles. Plus sweet treats!


I mean, c'mon, what's not to love here. I could easily live right outside this place. Especially since you can buy cool vegan shoes at Vegetarian Shoes right across the street.

the loving hut brighton

Visit The Loving Hut at 48 Gardner Street in the North Laines in Brighton, or check out their other locations - all around the world! 

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