Amazing Adventures In New York City

Amazing Adventures in New York City

People travel from all corners of the globe to experience the unique and fascinating, New York City. In so many ways, New York City is unlike any other place in the world. 

New York City has the best of everything. Famous designers, entertainers, and collectors of art make New York their home. You can shop at the most famous shops in the world and stay in the finest hotels. And getting there is part of the adventure. 

new york city adventures

While many people want to go to New York City, the crowded airports, the thick city traffic, and the hassle of security make it a daunting task. This is a big factor in the popularity of traveling via chartered jet.


In a private jet, you have the luxury of first class accomodations. The only passengers are the group you are traveling with. Often couples will travel together and share the expense. It is often far less expensive than you might think. Security hassles are eliminated. There is no invasion of your privacy.


Since you will secure your hotel suit before you leave for your flights to New York, shipping your suitcase to your destination makes your arrival seamless. 


If you have never been to New York City, or if you have been many times; you know that things that New York is famous for. You will no doubt see the Statue Of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park, and Broadway.

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There are so many more endless sights to see that they cannot all be listed here. Check out some of the calendars that are published with special events. From now until the end of the year, there are events and happenings that you have not experienced before. Below are a few special events to see.

new Music genres

Country music is huge in the United States. This 28,000 square looft, four-level auditorium features performances from the biggest names in country music. It also has a restaurant where you can experience real southern cooking. There is a full-service bar. Nashville has some competition in the East.


If you want to try a couple of other new music genres pop in at The Stone in the East Village. They primarily focus on Jazz but are not afraid to perform experimental and unique music that you will not hear anywhere else.  


You have probably heard of the outdoor music events that have been taking place for years at Brooklyn Mirage. But this year there is a 15,000 square foot indoor great hall. This is the place to go for some funky techno-beats. Plan to party for a while. The facility features three bars and a rocking atmosphere. 

must-see sights in new york city

have some laughs

There is some great comedy shows this year. Watch out for Catherine Cohen. She performs at the Club Cummings in the East Village. This dark comedy show fills the house every Wednesday night. Best of all, it is free.


Peter Smith is breathing life into downtown New York City. His act is a hilarious twist on the high-society crowds. This is the best trans-voice show in town. 

museums and galleries

Many special exhibits will be on display from now until the end of the year. Whether you are interested in fine works illustrating the Revolutionary war or a tribute to President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; you will find it this year in New York. There are famous works of art from around the world, and they are located in all parts of the city. 

broadway shows

There are many exciting Broadway shows opening in New York in 2018. Don’t miss The Carousel, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Children of a Lesser God, Frozen and many more. Go to for more information. 

catch a broadway show in new york city

There is something for everyone in New York. There is a reason why she is called the city that never sleeps. You will not find more amazing food, fun, adventure, culture, charm, or excitement anywhere else in the world!