Next Level Burger in Portland

Next Level Burger in Portland

I discovered a 100% plant-based burger joint in the super foodie city Portland Oregon called Next Level Burger.

next level burger portland oregon

So I had to go check it out, because you are what you eat and I'm a vegan burger.


And any company that has "Love Thy Burger" on their building wins in my book. 

vegan, organic, and fair trade

This company is definitely health-focused and is doing great things about that.


First, they're totally vegan, which is pretty special right there.


But they're even using 100% organic produce and condiments, non-GMO whole grain buns, and no trans fat, no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated oils, even fair-trade certified sodas. 


Packing quite a healthy punch. 

next level burger portland

burgers, dogs, milkshakes and more

Classic Americana comfort food.


Next Level Burger has a whole menu of burgers - everything from Southern to Mexican to Blue BBQ to a Big Kahuna burger.


And they're not skimpy on the cheeses and special sauces either.


Because we all know that's what really makes a good burger great.


But it's not just burgers!


They have hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, fountain sodas, and more.


1955 called.


And it's vegan!

vegan cheeseburger at next level burger in portland oregon

I wanted to eat everything on the menu.


But I figured, let's do the classic burger - a meaty patty, with mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and mustard.


Simple, tasty, perfectly well-done.

super fast service

I loved the fast and friendly counter service, too.


My meal was ready before I could even finish reading the writing on the wall. 


Now, they just need to get franchises all over the world and I'd be a very happy burger. 

Next level burger counter

Check out Next Level Burger at any one of their convenient locations in Portland, Lake Oswego and Bend.