Essential Tools Every Nomadic Student Needs

Essential Tools Every Nomadic Student Needs

Gone are the days when you had no choice but to sit in a dusty lecture hall if you wanted to gain a degree. With each passing year, remote studying has become an increasingly viable option. Now, studying while traveling full-time and securing a good degree is feasible. With the right planning, tools, and tech anyone can do it.

Tools to hone what you write

Being able to submit perfectly written work is essential for any nomadic student, or any nomadic writer. The fact that you are not able to meet with your tutor makes it far more difficult to make a connection and impress them. 

You only have video chats and the written word to aid you in doing that. So, you need to express your ideas clearly, get the structure right, and understand how to produce flawless copy. The best way to do that is to sign up with an academic proofreading service. Find out more about the types of proofreading services you could use.

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Tools to keep you organized

Securing a degree requires hundreds of hours of work on the part of the student. So, to be able to fit everything in and succeed you need to stay organized. It is essential that you use a reliable calendar app and a to-do list. Some students also find that research tools like Evernote help to keep them productive and on track.

Tools to help you to focus

Even when you find a way of putting together a clear and manageable schedule, sticking to it can still be difficult. This is partly because it is all too easy to become distracted.


We have all been there, we sit down at the pre-planned time to do something, but instead of working we go on YouTube and watch videos for an hour. If you are prone to doing that, tools like Cold Turkey Blocker can help you to stay focused. 

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Tools that will help you to learn faster

Most students are short on time, so they are always looking for ways to learn faster. There are all kinds of ways to do that. One of the most effective is making use of all those spare moments you get throughout the day. Using flashcards, you can productively fill those 10 minutes you spend waiting for your bus learning something new instead of wasting it looking at memes.

Tools that will save you money

Not being able to work full-time means that many students struggle with money matters when they are studying. This is stressful and often they end up with debts that take a lifetime to pay off. So, anything that helps you to keep control of your finances is going to prove helpful. Using simple apps like FatBrain that make it possible to sell your textbooks for a good price can make a world of difference to your finances.