Planning a Romantic Getaway

Planing a Romantic Getaway

For those of you who are looking to plan a guilt-free, no-kids, drink-in-hand, this-is-the-reason-we’re-together romantic getaway, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the info you’ll need for the romantic getaway to end all romantic getaways.


Why not?


If you make the mistake of calling it a romantic getaway, you’re just raising expectations that can come to haunt you. The pair of you will end up trying too hard to be romantic as opposed to letting it flow naturally. Instead of stressing over making the outing perfect, try to enjoy being together regardless of what you are actually doing.


Choose an activity that you both are interested in!


Something that everyone loves? Food and drinks! Try visiting popular local restaurants and tasting new dishes together. This activity is new and exciting, without distracting you from spending quality time together. You could even consider going on San Diego Wine Tour and exploring a beautiful vineyard, hand-in-hand! These types of activities are relaxing to you both, and still allow for close contact and romantic conversation throughout the day.


Use the Off Season


When you’re trying to get away and enjoy your significant other for a few days, consider the season before you travel. Do you really want to get caught up in a tourist town at the height of the season or do you want to be peaceful and quiet? For example, why not head for a ski resort in the middle of summer? There won’t be the burden of doing what’s supposed to be done there. All you have to do is enjoy the peace of a tourist town off-season.

Romance in romance

Go Remote


You might live in a city and be used to the hustle and bustle of urban life. You might even choose to take vacations to other busy places. When you’re looking for a way to be romantic and spend some quality time with your partner, try to find a remote getaway location. You might be surprised to find that unadulterated solitude trumps room service in a massive way.


Borrow or Rent a House


Vacation homes are easy to find now with all of the vacation rental sites out there. If you really want a break from real life, why not rent a house and live another person’s life for a few days? What better way to reacquaint yourself with your significant other than in a location that is completely different, yet one that you won’t have to leave for anything until the time comes for you to get back to reality?


No Need for Culture

There’s a difference between vacationing and traveling, and it’s lost on many couples. You might be of the opinion that going to Rome means that you’ll automatically have a relaxing getaway. The thing is, you can cram so many activities into every minute of the day that you forget to leave time to just relax. When you go on a trip with your partner, try to clear the agenda and spend a blissful time just being there – walk when you want to, eat wherever and whatever you want. You have no other place to be, so just enjoy your time together.


Stay in Town


You could always send the kids to the grandparents and have a “staycation”. Stay in the house or go into tourist mode and see the local sites. You more than likely drive past attractions every day that you’d like to visit but just haven’t had the time. Nothing’s stopping you now!


Finally, leave all of the fights at home. Yes, there are a gazillion things to decide and discuss on a daily basis, but when you’re on a getaway, do just that – get away. Relax. The decisions and arguments will be there when you get home. Just get back to who you guys were before life happened.