Brighton Vegan Bites: Rootcandi

Brighton Vegan Bites: Rootcandi

Brighton boasts the UK's first vegan tapas restaurant with a 100% plant-based menu! Come sample the deliciousness!

rootcandi vegan tapas restaurant brighton

This new and exciting tapas restaurant boasts quite an eclectic menu of worldly inspired dishes perfectly paired for a flavor explosion in your mouth. 


I had to try the Pan-Asian tapas. What a delight for the senses! Brilliant perfectly paired asian fusion foods in light, refreshing and innovative plates, only matched by their beautiful and striking presentation on custom-made three-tier displays. Too pretty to eat?!...

pan-asian vegan tapas

vegan asian tapas

1. Marinated Tofu: warm tofu prepared with garlic, ginger, tamari, lemongrass and lime, on a refreshing crisp beet salad was a delightful mix of textures.


2. Baby Pak Choi: sauteed to deliciousness with a spicy and creamy Chinese mustard and picked ginger.


3: Steamed Carrot Dumplings: chewy yet light marinated buns, stuffed with carrot, served with a rich spicy hoisin sauce. 

4: Beetroot and Butternut Tempura: a sweet delicate texture paired with a tamari and wasabi dip. What a kick. 


5: Daikon Summer Rolls: quite a combination of textures and flavors, including carrot and cucumber, covered in crunchy black and white sesame seeds, with fresh bean sprouts, and a super tasty sweet and sour dip.


6: Cucumber & Sesame Salad: refreshing cucumber and bean sprouts, both sweet and salty, served with an edible flower. I did actually eat the flower. Nom.


All the dishes went divinely with their house Italian red wine, a light, sweet, and spicy Ekuó Organic Merlot. And to top it all off, a very tasty dessert of chewy yummy caramel-like nougat with crunchy pistachio bits and gold candies on top! Taste buds in heaven!

vegan tapas platter

Visit Rootcandi at Iydea at 105 Western Road. *Rootcandi has closed, you can still visit Iydea at this location.