5 Unique Things to See and Do in St Lucia

5 Unique Things to See and Do in St Lucia

This wonderful slice of heaven is one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Caribbean. St. Lucia is known as a place when thrill seekers can find adventure, and can do activities filled with adrenaline.


The volcanic island has been a premier destination for a long time, and with a reason. The beautiful scenery, couple with mountainous regions and deep rainforests, all add to a delightful package.

The Lesser Antilles are a well-known group of islands that St. Lucia is a part of. Due to its unique position and topography, as well as the warm climate, St. Lucia has been a very coveted location throughout history.


That led to a very special modern culture that has varied traditions, and one of the most welcoming peoples in the entire wider region. Their penchant for festivals and food is heavily accented with annual fiestas, where visitors can experience the unique cuisine found on the island. 

saint lucia sunset beach

There are many ways to enjoy the island. You have the option of hotels, motels – and the visitor’s favorite – renting a villa in St. Lucia. Whatever the choice, you’re bound to have lots of fun and an unforgettable experience. 


There are numerous activities you can do on the island, and here are some of its most unique ones.

enjoy the fragrant diamond botanical gardens

As an island made for adventure, one of its most popular and unique attractions is something completely opposite of adventure. The Diamond Botanical Gardens are completely serene and calming, and they represent centuries of well-kept acres of lush grounds.


It was originally an estate sanctioned by King Louis XIV of France, and it was an expansive area of pure, pristine nature. Today, only a fraction of the original size remains, but that’s not a deterrent at all.


In fact, the Botanical Gardens themselves are home to many unique species of flora, and are another layer of heaven in what’s already a slice of heaven itself. There’s also a waterfall nearby, as well as some mineral baths where visitors can take their time and bathe in.

experience the drive-in volcano

A very peculiar location, Sulfur Springs is an active volcano that erupted in the 1700s. Today it’s a popular attraction where you can see erupting pits of steam – but not from too close since they’re over 200°C. There are winding pathways above the steaming pits that lead further in the jungle, so you can visit in from different sides.


But that’s not all this place has to offer. Near the volcano itself, there are mud baths that have formed because of trickling down from cracked rocks. The baths are known for the healing and restorative powers, and visitors have claimed that the mud baths made their skin look and feel ten years younger.

mountains in saint lucia

have adventures in the rainforest

The rainforests in St. Lucia are diverse and interesting and perfect for all sorts of adventures. There are organized tours for different activities, and some are more adrenaline-fused than others.


You can hike to experience the rainforests from ground level, but there are also trams that ferry you between the crowns of the trees from where you have an aerial view of the rainforests. If you prefer something more active, you can also zip-line across the rainforests to have an even more primal experience.

visit castries and its market

The capital of the island – Castries – is not a place most visitors opt to see on the visit to St. Lucia. On first glance it appears as nothing special, but there’s history oozing from every crevice, and once you begin exploring it, you realize that it’s a great place.


It’s a port city, and al old one at that, and there are many old ruined wooden buildings – either by fire, or by time. One of its premier attractions is the beautiful cathedral built in the 20th century, with its walls and murals painted by St. Lucia’s most-known artist – Dunstan St Omer.


Another location worth visiting in the city is the Castries Market. It’s the city’s foremost food court and flea market. It’s a place filled with charm and culture, with vendors selling anything and everything, and for very available prices. Not everyone enjoys the market, though, since the vendors are known to be a bit aggressive, but that’s part of the charm and authenticity of the market.

experience marigot bay

A location so beautiful, Hollywood regularly comes back to it to capture some of its beauty on screen. It has a gorgeous shore and jaw-dropping scenery, especially when observed from the hills. The ground level of the bay is more down-to-earth though, with restaurants and bars dotting around the piers, and resorts in the vicinity that host all sorts of events.


You can take a water taxi, and the occasional boat ride is a must. There isn’t much beach space on Marigot Bay, but what is there is serene and calming, and incredibly romantic. It’s a place focused on visitors and people, so if you feel like you need a unique activity that involves human contact, Marigot Bay is for you.

saint lucia bay

St. Lucia is a wondrous island. You can visit it all year long, and there are few things better than feeling like you’re in heaven when you’re taking in the air between the rainforest canopies. As a tourist destination it’s definitely worth a visit or three, so put it on your bucket-list if it isn’t already, because it’s a gorgeous place that needs to be visited!