How to Track Your Schengen Time

How to Track Your Schengen Time

Avoid time, stress and confusion planning out your Schengen travel time and keep track with the easy Schengen 90 visa calculator app.

what's the 90/180 schengen visa rule?

The 90/180 Schengen visa rule is for US citizens traveling to the Schengen Area in Europe, consisting of 26 European Union countries, and soon to be 30.


The rule means one can spend a total of 90 days within any 180 day period inside Schengen borders. 


This rule is retro-active, on a rolling basis, and the correct answer always is dependent on your travel history, but also calculated in real time. 


No, I didn't just have a stroke.


That's the actual rule.


For example, when an immigration officer asks your current Schengen time, the answer to the formula must be calculated the day the question is asked, in order to be accurate, and legal.


Overcomplicating things even more, both Ireland and UK immigration (who are not Schengen) also enforce this rule to ensure their visitors leave. 


Yes, it is all way too complicated to figure out and that's why you should use a visa calculator app instead.


Here's how.

1. add trip dates

To get started, simply add the start date and end date for your first trip. 

add trip schengen 90 app

2. see your trip duration

The app's algorithm will instantly calculate your dates and display your trip duration. 

edit trip schengen 90 app

3. add more trips as you travel

Edit trips and add more.


The app will continually calculate remaining days permitted.

schengen 90 app calculates remaining days

4. check allowed time remaining

Refer to the app at any time to check your remaining days permitted.

plan your travel time schengen 90 app