3 Things to Stop Sharing on Social Media

3 Things to Stop Sharing on Social Media

How do you know what's the right thing to share on social media? Here's how you can be a positive influence instead of a negative one. These are some easy to follow guidelines on the top content types not to share.

1. Stop sharing photos or videos of yourself.


Stop the selfies! Please, please, please - stop the selfies! Stay behind the camera where photographers are meant to be.


Also stop the cliched open-mouthed mid-eating shots, the bendy yoga poses in front of sunsets, and the finger-squishing-landmark shots.


And what's with the back shots? If you share a landscape, don't stand right in the middle of it. Get out of the shot! Let everyone else see what you're looking at!

Instead - share travel, nature, animals, food and fun things!


We all love travel and new experiences and would love to see what's cool about wherever you are. In fact, that's exactly why your followers are following you!


I love seeing cool shots of travel, nature, landscapes, cityscapes, art, architecture, animals and, of course, food! And funny signs. Funny signs are awesome. 

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2. Stop the negative political gripes or boring follower stats.


Don't spread negativity. Don't call politicians names or attack brands' customer service. Take a moment to consider if your personal or petty gripe or opinion is really worth posting publicly for all the world to see. Because it's probably not. 

 "If you make cruel and unnecessary comments about someone or something, then you are just telling the world that you are cruel and unnecessary." - Cruelty Not Included


Same goes for your auto-reported follower and unfollower stats or - eek - auto direct messages.


Turn. it. off.

Instead - share positive, happy, inspiring content!


Share what's so awesome and happy and interesting and fun about where you are and what you're doing. Be happy and share positive content. 

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3. Stop sharing pics of abused or dead animals.


Everywhere around the world, people kidnap, enslave, abuse and kill animals for their bodies and for cruel tourist attractions, in which the animals have a hard enough time suffering in whatever terrible inescapable trap they're in without you purchasing tickets for it, participating in it, and endorsing and promoting on it on social media and making it worse!


Instead, make it better. Don't support animal abuse. Do whatever you can to stop it or to prevent it. Don't share photos of animals being abused, chained, ridden, drugged, tortured or worse - dead. It's sad and nobody wants to see it.


You're not cool for eating animals fried, filleted, or on sticks - instead you're a jerk for eating someone that wanted to live.

Instead - share kindness, responsible tourism, and real food!


Choose responsible tourism activities. Visit reputable, responsible animal sanctuaries, reserves, or rescues. They need your support! 


Don't share or promote anything that hurts or harms the land or the animals that live there.


Share delicious plant-based foods. I share photos of alive, happy chickens (instead of dead ones)! And I share lots of scrumptious plant-based burgers and more vegan foods.


No animals were harmed in the making of this article. 

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"Take nothing but pictures.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time." 

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