Sailing Soundly Out of Belfast a Century After the Titanic

Sailing Soundly Out of Belfast Over a Century After the Titanic

Once upon a time I found myself in beautiful Northern Ireland.


And I had to go to Scotland. I was debating flights and transportation options when I discovered the ferry. What an awesome way to travel. Easier, greener, better, funner. That's right, I said funner.

aboard the ship

Then it dawned on me... I'd be sailing out of Belfast. On a ship. A large ship. On water. And Leonardo DiCaprio is here. Suspicious.


No, he wasn't. But, story still applies. 


We've all seen seen the movie. Seen the documentaries. Watched the divers film the creepy underwater footage of rusted railings and pairs of shoes on the ocean floor, all from the fateful night of April 14, 1912 when the luxury liner went down.

7 floors of fun

So, in part homage to the Titanic and part fun for me, I bought the ferry ticket. Because Celine said life will go on.


StenaLine operates from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to Cairnryan, Scotland and runs 5 times a day. They operate a fleet of ships over 7 stories tall, with multiple modern lounges, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, a movie theater, an arcade, and more. 

tranquil lounges

I got a soy latte, relaxed in a reclining lounge chair watching the water go by, got some lunch, watched a bit of a movie, and still had time to explore the outer and upper decks. Yep, all in the short 2 and a half hour ride. I didn't even want to get off.

So, the moral of the story is, always choose the fun thing. Even if it's a bit scary at first. Because it might just turn out to be awesome.


And, you can be the king of the world. 

scotland coastline view