Cafe Sun Vegan Kitchen in Seoul, Korea

Cafe Sun Vegan Kitchen in Seoul, Korea

Cafe Sun is a bright, warm, and cozy open kitchen restaurant located in the hip Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul. It’s a casual kitchen that serves a simple yet delicious minimalist menu of pasta and vegetable dishes, smoothies, teas, and desserts. 

Vegan, organic, fair trAde

Sun is an acronym for “sustainable use for nature”. The cafe is all vegan, organic, and fair trade. In addition to eats and drinks, there’s also a selection of vegan grocery products, plant milks, coffees and teas, and cooking ingredients for sale. Also, there’s a huge library of books on vegan food and sustainability for buying or reading in the cafe.

Vegan books and products

food menu

The dishes served at Sun can best be described as hearty and healthy home cooking. It’s Korean food at its best, and one of the few places in Seoul where you can find traditional Korean foods made veganWith select fresh ingredients, each dish is a veggie-packed delicious and filling meal that makes you feel good after eating it. 

Cafe sun vegan food

yellow bean sauce VegEtaBles

This fresh veggie and brown rice plate is smothered in a flavorful yellow bean sauce, giving the whole meal a rich umami taste.

Vegetables and brown rice with yellow bean sauce
Yellow Bean Sauce Vegetables

Rice cake soup

This vegan version of the traditional Korean dish, tteokguk, is a soup is made with a soymilk broth base, and is full of sliced, chewy rice cakes, plus mushrooms, onions, and seaweed. It’s super tasty and super filling.

Rice Cake Soup

Vegetable stew

This veggie delight is a huge bowl packed full of freshly chopped veggies, marinating in a strong tomato sauce. Wow, the nutrition in this meal!

Vegetable stew
Vegetable Stew

perilla mushroom pasta

Craving pasta? This super creamy soymilk pasta dish with perilla and mushrooms will definitely fill you up. It’s thick, it’s luscious, and it’s huge.

Soymilk perilla mushroom pasta
Soymilk Perilla Mushroom Pasts

Chickpea brown rice salad

This salad was my favorite. Sticky brown rice, vegetables, and chickpeas. Powerful protein and very flavorful, it’s a simple dish that’s easy to enjoy again and again.

Chickpea brown rice salad
Chickpea Brown Rice Salad

Go visit

Go try some of these yums. Visit Cafe Sun at 17 Depth 51, Mapo, in foodie Seoul

Cafe Sun in Seoul