How I Travel Full-Time: My Travel Styles

How I Travel Full-time: My Travel Styles

I have amassed many distinctive travel styles over the years that have defined who I am as a full-time traveler. Namely, I'm a huge foodie traveler, a nature lover, a solo traveler, a culture enthusiast, definitely a big movie buff, and finally, a luxury traveler (all while on a budget!).

When I make travel plans, I aim to travel authentically to enjoy as much as possible. Discovering all my unique travel styles has helped guide me to decide where to go, what to see and do, and of course, where to eat along the way!


Here are some of my favorite travel styles and keep reading to find a fun quiz on how to find yours!

culinary adventurer

I'm obviously extremely foodie focused. I love eating, I love discovering new restaurants, and promoting delicious plant-based foods all around the world.

culinary travel

My favorite foodie finds are usually burgers, because burgers are awesome, but I also have a thing for Ethiopian and Turkish noms, too. I use all these apps help me easily track down and find yummy eats everywhere.

solo traveler

I travel by myself so solo travel is also my main travel style. I'm a bit of a lone wolf and I like to travel solo because I can just do whatever I want, whenever I want, without any compromises, complaints or delays from anyone else. Easy breezy.

solo travel

I can always join tours if I feel like socializing, or just use an easy tour app to discover things my own way. It's so liberating to travel solo and as long as you use common sense to stay safe, you can easily and safely travel the world yourself. 

entertainment Aficionado

I love entertainment. It's always a good time to enjoy a good movie, and it's important to always have entertainment with you in order to travel better.

entertainment aficionado

I get so inspired by movies that I very often choose travel destinations based on scenery in films. And, as a proper movie buff, l absolutely love finding movie or tv tours and getting to see the actual filming locations of my favorite travel movies because it's like a total sensory immersion experience.

luxury traveler (and budget Traveler)

I love my creature comforts and that's why I prefer to live in luxury whenever possible. But I don't want to spend a lot of money. So my secret to travel in luxury while on a budget is to housesit.

luxury travel

Housesitting allows me to live in homes wherever I want, all around the world, totally for free, plus care for animals, and not spend a dime while doing so.

nature lover

Spending time in nature is one of my favorite things to do. Walking outside, appreciating beautiful views all around the world, and admiring nature is not only fun, but nature therapy is good for you, too.

nature lover

cultural enthusiast

One of the greatest things about traveling the world is getting to see and experience other cultures and learn new things.


I always find myself lost for hours admiring local art or architecture, in art museums, art installations, history museums, and exploring interesting landmarks or ancient ruins.


I'm an information sponge so I'm often a huge sucker for walking tours to learn more interesting stories from local guides, or anything and everything physics related, like the time I totally scienced out at CERN.

cultural enthusiast

What kind of traveler are you? Find out by taking this fun travel personality quiz so you can choose the perfect destinations and activities to match your travel style. What fills your heart with joy? A foodie tour? Nature tour? Movie tour? Have fun and travel the world in your own unique style.