The Best Coffee in the UK

The Best Coffee in the UK

The advancements of technology and the internet over the last few years has allowed us to have whatever we want delivered to us in days. Whether you want clothing, electronics, or food, you can get anything you want delivered right to your door.

In addition to that, technology has allowed us to not only brew coffee at home, but brew amazing and delicious coffee from advanced and high-tech products like the Ninja coffee bar. However, while this is great, there are still a lot of amazing coffee shops out there in the world that can provide you with a unique beverage and experience. 


In particular, the UK is home to dozens of amazing places to get some of the best coffee you have ever tried in your life. So whether you are planning to visit the UK, or live there, here are some of the stellar places that are a “must-visit” for all coffee lovers.

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grind & co.

Founded back in 2011, Grind & Co. has been taking over the coffee game in London. They started off with one location, but have now spread out to have numerous cafes across the area. Their staff is knowledgeable and passionate, their various types of coffee are delicious and the decor is unique and differentiates itself from other shops in the area.


Even cooler, the place turns into a bar in the evening, which makes it a good place to visit any time of the day. Do yourself a favor and visit at least one of the locations.


If you are a true coffee lover and enjoy all of the intricacies and nuances of the beverage, this might be the spot for you. This offers a variety of single origin coffees, but the real treat is that they offer them through a wide range of different brewing methods. However you like your coffee prepared, you can be confident they will be able to prepare it for you.


Ozone even has their own roastery, which you can actually see as it is right downstairs, under the cafe. If you want to take their coffee home, there are also some kits you can purchase, too.

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steam yard

Located in Sheffield, Steam Yard is one of the most unique locations in this article. The cafe is housed in an old silver works and features everything you would want in a trendy cafe such as concrete floors, exposed walls, steel and leather booths and much more. It is a very “vintage” place, which is very much on trend. But while their decor is awesome and worth the visit, the coffee is even better.


In addition to their own house blends, they have weekly guest blends coming from a variety of the best roasters across the UK. Their sweet treats are also more than worth a visit. 

coffee aroma

Open for a little over a decade or so now, Coffee Aroma is putting Lincoln on the map when it comes to amazing coffee. The staff here is extremely well-trained and intelligent about all things coffee. Their coffee is very high quality and is left to drip through the machine even longer, to add an even richer flavor.


While it is an awesome place for an afternoon or morning cup of coffee, this place comes alive at night. That is because on Friday and Saturday nights the place is open until 11:30 PM and is a great place for people to go and relax with friends on a night out, or a great spot to visit before or after your pub crawl.

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red roaster

In foodie Brighton, Red Roaster is one of the favorite coffee spots to check out. It is a very unpretentious spot and is a very functional spot that locals flock to. Their coffee and hot chocolate is to die for and their staff is incredibly friendly and make you feel at home. Not only does Red Roaster have a large interior space, they also have an outdoor area to enjoy your coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the sun. 


These are some of the best coffee shops in the UK that you should do your best to visit at least once in your life, if not multiple times. Of course, there are several great places in the UK not on this list that are also worth a visit, too, so do your research and see what places you'd love to check out!

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