Vaping Vacation: How to Safely Travel Abroad

Vaping Vacation: How to Safely Travel Abroad

In our globalized world, people travel more and more often. They go abroad to visit friends, relatives, to have holidays or to live in a country for a short period. It is not a novelty to go to some islands to work remotely during the winter period. Some people who are freelancers do spend time abroad and return to the native country just from time to time to see friends and family and to make order in the documents.


Vaping is instead a new hobby, but it is already widely spread in the world. For some countries, this is something new, trendy, and a must-have. Some countries have already shifted from the period of adoring vaping to the phase of prohibitions and discouragement. Some other countries have never liked vaping as such, and the activity has been frowned upon for a long time already, so it might be not so easy to enjoy holidays abroad with your vaping device.

Taking into account the laws of the destination country

Vape mods are not allowed worldwide. In many countries now, vapes are considered to be a nicotine-containing device, and as a result, it might be prohibited to use vape mods in public places, in the streets, or the country in general. At the same time, there are countries where vaping is not seen as smoking. You are allowed to vape in the hotel, in the restaurant, or at the bus stop.


Everything depends on the local laws and the attitude of local people towards this activity. The question of why even the best vape mod for clouds (related siteare banned has no direct answer. The only way to console yourself is to find out more about some absurd laws.

In What countries are vape mods are prohibited and what are the penalties?

2010 Japan has banned e-cigarettes containing nicotine. However, there exists no regulation of sell of nicotine-free e-cigs, so they are sold to both minors and adults.


2012 Saudi Arabia has banned e-cigarettes import. However, vapes are still sold in small shops for personal use. In general, personal consumption of e-cigs is permitted for those who are not under 18.


2013 Qatar has banned e-cigarettes.


2014 Turkey has banned the import of vapes, primarily by mail or courier.2016; Singapore has banned the import of vapes, and, two years later, in 2018, it became illegal to use, buy, sell, or possess any vaporizer. The penalty is astonishing – in case you are found guilty, you might pay up to $10,000 and/or up-to 6 months’ jail. So, it is better not to try to bring even the best box mod vape to Singapore.


2019 India has banned the sale and import of e-cigarettes in the whole country, though some regions have had this ban for years already.


These examples are just a small overview of all the existing bans and prohibitions. The actual list is much longer, and the case of penalty, is quite prominent. You should always google the laws on vaping in the country you are going to visit before actually going there and getting into trouble.

No smoking no vaping sign

Is It possible to vape in the airport, plane, or other transport?

Generally, vaping, as well as smoking, is being prohibited in airports. However, there is nothing to worry about, because in most of the airports there are special areas designed for smoking, where you can use even the best vape mod for clouds and as well. The list of airports with such areas is changing because more and more companies tend to develop tolerance towards smoking and vaping people.


As for now, the airports, where you can vape for sure, are located in Frankfurt, Warsaw, Vienna, Barcelona, Birmingham, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens, Cancun, Marrakesh, Majorca, etc. Heathrow, on the contrary, has no special areas for smoking, so once you have passed through security, you would not be allowed to vape anywhere.


When we are talking about the plane itself, it is strictly forbidden to use anything that produces smoke, including pipes, cigarettes, and even the best mods. However, you can type your vape with you on the board. You have to but everything in a special box, though. Also, when we are talking about the e-juice, you have to remember about the rule of transmitting liquids (max 1000 ml allowed, max 100 ml in each bottle, all of which have to put in a special transparent package). The other important point is that lithium batteries over 100 W hours cannot be checked in.


If we talk about cruise liners, there is allowed to carry your vape mods, but it might not be allowed to use it on the board – depending on the cruise line restrictions. The good news is that most of the ships provide the same specially designed areas for smoking as the airports and you can enjoy vaping there.


When it comes to trains – one of the most popular transports in Europe – we have no good news, it is not permitted to vape either on a train or on the platform. Theoretically, you can break this rule, but you might be noticed, and some  people who object to smoking or vaping can tell the personnel about that.


When you are planning your vacation, it is better to consider all the stuff in advance. In case you are a vaper and understand you cannot help vaping, look through the local laws before paying for your holidays because being ignorant in such a situation might lead to unexpected expenses or even a jail sentence.


Having checked the possibility to bring vape to the destination country, make sure that you are allowed to vape in the hotel you are going to live in or on the territories that you are going to spend your time. It is also essential to check whether you are allowed to have your vaping device with you at the airport, especially if you have no direct flight. Stopping in another country means that you will have to follow the local laws as well. To sum up, plan your trip the way that you will be sure about staying on the safe side!