All the Cool Things at the Leicester Vegan Festival

All the Cool Things at the Leicester Vegan Festival

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Leicester Vegan Festival in Leicester, England. And, like many parts of the UK, Leicester has a surprisingly large and refreshingly vibrant vegan community!


It was an impressively massive volunteer organized event held at the classic art deco Athena Leicester in Leicester city center, full of over 100 stalls of snacks, food, beauty products, perfume, jewelry, clothing, accessories, beer, wine, tea, local rescues, animal rights groups and much more, including lots of ongoing fun and informative live presentations, talks and workshops such as mac and cheese cooking demos and dance classes.


And it was packed! So many people showed up to see and sample all the vegan goodness and learn more about cruelty-free living! Word!

Leicester Vegan Festival 2017

Heads up, I was provided entrance in exchange for my review.

I smelled the perfumes, gazed at all the jewelry, and ogled all the soaps and lotions and potions. It was great to see so many ethical clothing brands representing all their creative designs. 

Vegan Deviant especially caught my attention, with some super original, funny and bold designs! 

vegan deviant t-shirts leicester vegan festival

But let's get to all the amazing mouth-watering food! Wow! Total sensory overload.


There were seemingly endless stalls serving up everything - milkshakes, frozen yogurt, fudge!, candies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, pizzas, cheeses, mac and cheese, potato salads, chilis, curries, soups, samosas, burgers, bbq jackfruit wraps and lots of fun fusion menus and specialty items to boot.

ginger cow vegan food leicester vegan festival

Check out some of these tasty menus from The Ginger Cow, Mex it up, Home Kitchen and Flavors of Africa.

vegan indian fusion leicester vegan festival

Everything looked and smelled (and tasted) delicious. There were vegan treats as far as the eye can see. What else would you expect from an event sponsored by an amazing non-profit bakery The Vegan Cakery!

Vegan Sweet Tooth London had super impressive giant displays of savory cheesy vegan pizzas and endless sweet treats like cakes, pies, and brownies. They had a bit of everything. Check out this grilled vegetable pizza on chewy focaccia bread! 

vegan pizza vegan sweet tooth london


and tons more cheesy pizza goodness!


vegan pizzas vegan sweet tooth london leicester vegan festival 2017


and all the decadent cakes!


vegan cakes leicester vegan festival vegan sweet tooth london

And since I'm a huge sucker for great vegan cheese, I was overjoyed to find Tyne Chease. They make raw cultured and aged cashew nut cheese that is just to die for. Soft, creamy, savory, and delicious. I tried a lot of the delectable flavors. I loved the original. And the smoked. And the truffle. Yum. But you don't have to take my word for it, because you can order a selection box from their website and try them all yourself!

tyne chease vegan raw cashew cheese leicester vegan festival 2017

Vegan Festival Tip! If you go, get the VIP admission! Not only do you get to skip waiting in the queue to get in, but you also get on overstuffed goody bag full of snacks, magazines, discount offers and a natural eco-friendly bag to carry it all in! It's like a mini vegan christmas, especially since it had a copy of Vegan Life Magazine with an article in it by my buds Vegan Food Quest and a fun size bar of one of my all-time favorite vegan cheeses, Violife (nom!).

all the cool Things at the Leicester Vegan Festival

Disclaimer: I was provided vip entrance at no cost in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


I recommend checking out Leicester Vegan Festival. You're guaranteed to find lots of great cruelty-free products and yummy plant-based foods!

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