The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to Portland

The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to Portland: 400+ Spots to Find Tasty Non-Rabbit-Food Meals

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Where do you get the best vegan food in Portland? This massive list includes all the deliciously tasty vegan meals at all the spots that are vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly, and much more.


I love Portland, so I've spent lots of time scouring the city for food, especially all the iconic foodie products. I'm talking restaurants, food carts, stores, the works. And I'm a longtime vegan, and I know food, so this list is non-rabbit-food only!


No boring salads, sides of fries, or cheeseless pizzas or burgers. You can find these things anywhere and they are lame! For this list, the dish must be an interesting, tasty meal worth going for. This list will tell you exactly what that is and where to find it.


A spots are included in the vegan category because they're closer to vegan then vegetarian. And, recipes and dishes sometimes change, so if the menu doesn't clearly specify, just ask.

how to use this guide: the color key

name in category color

vegan: 100% vegan

vegetarian: many vegan / easily vegan meals

veg-friendly: easily vegan meals

market: vegan meals / products

product: local vegan goods


a yummy meal!

Address in section color

n: north

ne: northeast

se: southeast

nw: northwest

sw: southwest

180: vegan xurros and xocolata 2218 ne broadway

24th and meatballs: vegan meatball sub 2341 ne glisan

aberus ethiopian: veg combo 438 ne killingsworth

abyssinian kitchen: veg combo 2625 se 21st

a little nectar: apple pie waffle 8320 se woodstock

al amir lebanese: vegetarian maza 223 sw stark

aladdin’s cafe: vegetarian mazza 6310 ne 33rd

alberta co-op grocery 1500 ne alberta

alleyway cafe & bar: vegan reuben 2415 ne alberta

amma indian grocery 15325 nw central

and cafe: vegan bacon quesadilla 5420 e burnside

andina: vegan tapas 1314 nw glisan

ankeny tab and table: vegan hash 2724 se ankeny

arleta library bakery cafe: veggie burger 5513 se 72nd

associated: vegan margherita pizza 2131 se 11th

atlas pizza: vegan cheese pizza 3570 se division

aviv: vegan shawarma 1125 se division

babylon iraqi: vegetarian combo plate 340 sw 5th

back to eden: vegan quiche 2217 ne alberta (+more)

bambuza vietnamese: pho 3682 sw bond

bandini pizza & pasta: vegan cheese pizza 3107 n lombard

bang bang: pineapple curry bowl 4727 ne fremont

bangkok xpress: combo veggie 5235 ne sandy

bacon quesadilla

vegan bacon quesadilla at a.n.d cafe portland oregon
bacon quesadilla at a.n.d cafe

bar carlo: tofu curry skillet 6433 se foster

bar of the gods: hummus plate 4801 se hawthorne

barbur world foods 9845 sw barbur

bare bones cafe: vegan chilli 2908 se belmont

bashes mediterran: meza vegetarian 600 sw pine

basilisk: dan dan fries 820 ne 27th

batter griddle & drinkery: vegan pancakes 4425 ne fremont

behind the museum cafe: stuffed shiitake + tofu 1229 sw 10th

bella faccia: cashew spread pizza 2934 ne alberta

belmont station bier cafe: vegan jamabalya 4500 se stark

best friend juice cart: granola + almond milk 1121 se division

beta lukas: veg combo 2504 se 50th

beulahland: vegan hash 118 ne 28th

big fat weiners: vegan dog ne 15th + alberta

big wig donuts: vegan donuts (popup)

bijou cafe: tofu scramble 132 sw 3rd

bipartisan cafe: vegan bagel sandwich 7901 se stark

black water bar: buffalo sammie 835 ne broadway

blackbird pizza: seitan cheesesteak 1935 se hawthorne

bliss bake shop: vegan chocolate cupcake 4708 nw bethany

reuben sandwich

vegan reuben sandwich at the bye and bye portland oregon
reuben sandwich at the bye and bye

blossoming lotus: cheeseburger 1713 ne 15th

blu olive bistro: vegan plate 240 nw lost springs

blue star donuts: vegan doughnuts 1237 sw washington

bob’s red mill restaurant: vegan french toast 13521 se pheasant

boise fry co: vegan burger 1902 w burnside

boke bowl: caramelized fennel dash 1028 se water

bollywood theater: dal + coconut curry 2039 ne alberta

bombay chaat house: channa masala 804 sw 12th

bowery bagels: bagel + vegan schemer 310 nw broadway

brass tacks sandwiches: velvet underground 3535 n vancouver

breakside brewery: veganized veggie wrap 820 ne dekum

bridgeport ale house: quinoa bowl 3632 se hawthorne

bridges cafe: tofu scramble 2716 ne mlk

bro dogs: vegan dog 7000 ne airport

broder: swedish hash 2508 se clinton

bula kava house: super bowl 3115 se division

bunk: veganized roasted acorn squash 2017 ne alberta

bye and bye: reuben sandwich 1011 ne alberta

bywater grocery: red beans and rice 2713 ne sandy

byways cafe: tofu scramble 1212 nw glisan

frito pie

vegan frito pie at the bye and bye portland oregon
frito pie at the bye and bye

c bar: tofu scramble 2880 se gladstone

cafe destino: vegan sausage 1339 ne fremont

cafe yumm: veganized yumm bowl 301 sw morrison (+more)

canteen: southern bowl 2816 se stark

canton pearl: kung pao tofu 18140 ne halsey

capitol: buffalo bowl 1440 ne broadway

carina's bakery: scandinavian breakfast buns 4725 sw lombard

carioca bowls: kitchari bowls 827 ne alberta

casa diablo vegan strip club: sloppy joe 2839 nw st helens

casie’s cafe: fried seitan chick'n strips 835 n main (gresham)

caspian kabob: veggie kabob 1003 sw alder

century bar: vegan philly 930 se sandy

cha cha cha: oregon harvest burrito 2635 ne broadway

chaba thai: tofu rolls + plum sauce 5810 ne sandy

charlie's deli: vegan seasoned tofu sandwich 22 nw 4th

chef naoko: tofu vegetable bento 1237 sw jefferson

chen’s express: sweet + sour tofu 5230 ne sandy

cherry sprout produce market 722 n sumner

chez dodo: veggie curry 427 sw stark

chickpeadx: falafel pita 2707 ne sandy

chopsticks karaoke: tofu gyro 3390 ne sandy (+more)

church: oxymoron vegan burger 2600 ne sandy

bbq soy curls

bbq plate with soy curls, barbecue sauce, cole slaw, ranch and rice at Devin's Dive portland oregon
bbq plate at devin's dive

city state diner: smoked tofu breakfast sandwich 128 ne 28th

conquistador lounge: criollo bowl 2045 se belmont

costello's travel caffe: athenian sandwich 2222 ne broadway

crema coffee: hummus veggie sandwich 2728 se ankeny

cricket cafe: veggie banh mi 3159 se 32nd

crisp: vegan caesar salad 3901 n williams

crush bar: vegan buffalo wings 1400 se morrison

cruzroom: buffalo soy curl tacos 2338 ne alberta

cup & saucer cafe: tofu scramble 3000 ne killingsworth

dairy hill ice cream: vegan ice cream 6352 sw capitol

dar salam: vegan mezza plate 2921 ne alberta

dave’s killer bread: sin dawg cinnamon roll 5209 se international

dc vegetarian: vegan bacon cheeseburger 430 sw 3rd

de gallo tropical taco: vegan tacos ne 23rd + alberta

delta cafe: tofu scramble 4607 se woodstock

departure: wok fired brussel sprouts 525 sw morrison

desi pdx: vegan thali 1477 ne alberta

devil's dill sandwiches: bbq seitan sandwich 1711 se hawthorne

devin's dive: bbq plate 1112 se tacoma

dick’s kitchen: reuben 3312 se belmont

chorizo nachos

Nachos with vegan cheese, vegan sour cream and soy curls at El Nutri Taco Portland oregon
nachos at el nutri taco

dig a pony: oyster mushroom french dip 736 se grand

divine pie: chocolate hazelnut cream pie (in stores)

doe donuts: vegan donuts 8201 se powell

the doghouse pdx: seoulmates bowl se 28th + division

donnie vegas: vegan hot dogs 1203 ne alberta

dot’s cafe: vegan kale tofu hash 2521 se clinton

double dragon: soy curl rice bowl 1235 se division

doug fir lounge: veggie burger 830 e burnside

dove vivi: corn cashew pizza 2727 ne glisan

down to earth: tofu scramble 7828 sw 35th

dusk till dawn vegan strip club: krabby patty 8445 se mcloughlin

dwaraka pdx: dahl curry 3962 se hawthorne

e-san thai: evil prince veggies + tofu 2764 nw thurman

earth burgers food cart: double earth burger 2880 se division

east burn: veganized portobello sandwich 1800 e burnside

east glisan pizza lounge: vegan pizza 8001 ne glisan

east india co. grill & bar: vegetable curry 821 sw 11th

east portland coffee roasters: veggie panini 2404 se 79th

east side deli: vegan bbq 4626 se hawthorne (+more)

eat well food cart: vegan bowl 2880 se division

eatin' alive: peanut butter love bar (in stores)

raspberry tart

raspberry hazelnut tart with apricot pit cream and marigolds at Farm Spirit Portland Oregon
raspberry hazelnut tart at farm spirit

eat pizza: vegan cheese pizza 2037 sw morrison

eat retrolicious: veggie sandwich (mobile)

eb & bean frozen yogurt: vegan froyo 1425 ne broadway

ecliptic brewing: farro burger 825 n cook

el brasero: soyrizo burrito 18238 se division (gresham)

el cubo de cuba: vegan plate 3106 se hawthorne

el diablito: vegan burrito 3423 se belmont

el gallo taqueria: vegan taco 4422 se woodstock

el guapo taco: tofu taco 6141 sw macadam

el nutri taco: gigante burrito 2124 ne alberta (+more)

elephants deli: tempeh + quinoa wrap 115 nw 22nd (+more)

emame's ethiopianveg combo sw 9th + washington

enat kitchen: veg combo 300 n killingsworth

enjoni cafe: veg combo 910 n killingsworth

epif: salteado soy curls 404 ne 28th

essential juice & smoothies: hemp smoothie 1122 se tacoma

falafel house: shwarma sandwich 7316 n lombard

farm spiritpotato + sunflower yogurt 1414 se morrison

fat kitty falafel: falafel + vegan cilantro sauce 2016 se division

fatsquatch: fondue burger! 3423 se belmont

fifty licks: vegan ice cream 2021 se clinton

bratwurst hot dog

vegan hotdog: tofurkey bratwurst with mustard, relish and kraut at Franks a Lot Portland Oregon
bratwurst hot dog at franks a lot

fillmore: clean hippie bagel + toby's vegan spread 7201 ne glisan

fire on the mountain: vegan chicken wings 3443 ne 57th

the fixin’ to: vegan frito pie 8218 n lombard

flapjak: vegan crepes 4220 n mississippi

flavor spot: vegan sausage + waffle sandwich 2310 n lombard

food fight vegan grocery 1217 se stark

food front co-op grocery 2735 nw thurman

ford food & drink: vegan sandwich 2505 se 11th

franks-a-lot: bratwurst hot dog 2845 e burnside

freshii: buddha bowl 635 sw morrison

fried egg i'm in love: vegan 'rito suave burrito 3207 se hawthorne

the frying scotsman: chips + mushy peas sw 9th + alder

fubonn asian market 2850 se 82nd

fuel cafe: i heart vegan bowl 1452 ne alberta

garden bar: bliss detox salad 2045 se division

garden monsters: paul bunyan salad + tofu 2880 se division

genie’s cafe: tofu scramble 1101 se division

gladstone street pizza: vegan cheese pizza 3813 se gladstone

gluten free gem: vegan coconut caramel brownie 265 n hancock

go cart: roasted tofu salad roll 510 se mlk

red pepper bisque and kale salad

red pepper bisque and kale salad at harvest at the bindery portland oregon
red pepper bisque and kale salad at harvest at the bindery

gojo ethiopian: veg combo 915 ne alberta

the good & evil wrap co: avocado tempeh wrap 8145 se 82nd

the good earth cafe: sausage + home fries 1136 sw 3rd

good foot: bbq soy curl roll 2845 se stark

grab a gyro: fire gilled veggie platter 9055 sw barbur

gravy: tofu scramble 3957 n mississippi

the green dragon: hummus plate 928 se 9th

green city smoothies: loaded toast 1331 n killingsworth

green leaf juicing company: baja bowl 810 nw 12th

green zebra grocery 808 ne multnomah

grilled cheese grill: vegan grilled cheese 1027 ne alberta

ground kontrol: veganized blt 511 nw couch

guero cart: veganized frida bowl 113 se 28th 

habibi lebanese: vegan lentil soup 1012 sw morrison

hail seitan: bbq seitan po boy 3620 se 35th

hammy’s pizza: greek vegan pizza 2114 se clinton

hana japanese bistro: vegan sushi platter 2236 ne alberta

hanoi kitchen: fried tofu rice crepes 7925 ne glisan

hapa pdx: veggie curry rice 2872 se division

happy sparrow: vegan kolache + seitan loaf 3001 se belmont

fiesta bowl

summer fiesta bowl with tofu at Laughing Planet Cafe Portland Oregon
summer fiesta bowl at laughing planet cafe

harlow: vegan mac + cheese 3632 se hawthorne

harvest at the bindery: red pepper bisque 3101 ne sandy

hash it out: vegan hash 4233 n mississippi

hazel room: coconut cardamom french toast 3279 se hawthorne

hedge house: veggie burger 3412 se division

heidi ho: creamy chia cheese (in stores)

high water mark lounge: vegan cheesesteak 6800 ne mlk

the higher taste: vegan chick salad sandwich (in stores)

the hilt: veganized falafel sandwich 1934 ne alberta

hole mole: tempeh mole poblano 1419 se 33rd

homegrown smoker: combo plate 4233 n mississippi (+more)

hop works: thai tempeh wrap 2944 se powell

horn of africa: veg combo 5237 ne mlk

the hot box bbq: green meany salad + tofu 3121 sw moody

hot lips: vegan pizza 5440 ne 33rd (+more)

hungry tiger: vegan corn dog basket 213 se 12th

hurry back ice cream: vegan ice cream se 13th + lexington

ichiza kitchen: adobo bowl 1628 sw jefferson

iconic lounge: vegan benedict 2226 ne broadway

ikea: vegan meatballs + sweet potato sauce 10280 ne cascades

india oven: chana masala 3450 se belmont

tempeh and bean burrito

vegan royale burrito at laughing planet cafe portland oregon
vegan royale burrito at laughing planet cafe

iron horse: tostada 6034 se milwaukee

isabel pearl: buddha bowl 330 nw 10th

jackknife: vegan burger 614 sw 11th

jade lounge: vegan polenta triangles 2342 se ankeny

jade teahouse: stir-fried glass noodles + tofu 7912 se 13th

jam on hawthorne: el beardo tofu scramble 2239 se hawthorne

jet black coffee: oatly latte 11150 ne weidler

jook joint: vegan sandwich 530 sw 10th

juniors cafe: texan tofu scramble 1742 se 12th

jurassic: veggie skewer 5205 se foster

just bob: hummus + avocado veggie bagel 2403 ne alberta

kala noodle & grill: panang curry + tofu 2534 se belmont

kale: vegan kale doria rice dish 900 sw morrison

karam lebanese & syrian cuisine: veggie mazawat 515 sw 4th

kati portland: tofu tom kha 2932 se division

kay's bar: kay's vegan wet burrito 6903 se milwaukee

khao san: fresh summer rolls 1425 nw flanders

killingsworth dynasty: fried chicken burger 832 n killingsworth

king harvest natural food: bagel + hummus 1502 se morrison

kiva: powerhouse bowl 1533 nw 24th

the knock back: tempeh reuben 2315 ne alberta

knockout tacos: soyrizo tacos 505 ne killingsworth

vindaloo tofu bowl

vindaloo bowl with smoked tofu and lentils at laughing planet cafe portland oregon
vindaloo bowl at laughing planet cafe

the know: vegan rueben 3728 ne sandy blvd

know thy food co-op 3434 se milwaukee

koi fusion: tofu tacos 3040 se division (+more)

kure juice bar: bowl of the gods 408 sw 12th (+more)

la bonita: vegan burrito 2839 ne alberta

la camel: berber vegetable tajine 521 sw 9th

la taqueria bonita: vegan burrito 2839 ne alberta

la vida veggie: enchiladas 4925 sw angel

las primas peruvian: portobello peruano 3971 n williams

laughing planet: vegan burrito 3765 n mississippi (+more)

laurelhurst cafe: veganized hollywood panini 4611 e burnside

laurelhurst theater: veggie wrap 2735 e burnside

laurelthirst public house: vegan burger 2958 ne glisan

le bistro montage: vegan jambalaya 301 se morrison

lela's bistro: vegan fried tofu 1524 nw 23rd

liberty glass bar: vegan pot pie 938 n cook

living well bistro: chorizo breakfast burrito 10000 se main

lonesome pizza: vegan cashew cheese pizza 350 w burnside

los gorditos: soycurl fajita burrito 902 n killingsworth (+more)

los taquitos taqueria: soyrizo burrito 5832 ne glisan

lovejoy bakers: chickpea sandwich 939 nw 10th

jalepeno waffle sandwich

jalapeño waffle sandwich with jalapeño cream cheese at Nectar Cafe portland oregon
jalapeño waffle sandwich at nectar cafe

loving hut: hawaiian burger 1239 sw jefferson

lowbrow lounge: garden chick'n sandwich 1036 nw hoyt

luc lac: tofu + veggie pho 835 sw 2nd

luce: spaghetti 2140 e burnside

lutz tavern: vegan burger 4639 se woodstock

the magnolia: black bean veggie burger wrap 4075 ne sandy

maiphai thai cuisine: tofu nam kao lettuce wrap 108 sw pine

maki: yakisoba stir-fry noodles 12430 sw main

mama mia trattoria: arrabbiata linguine 439 sw 2nd

mamma leo's caribbean cuisine: vegan areburger 6728 ne sandy

maple parlor: vegan ice cream sundae 3538 se hawthorne

marco’s cafe: tofu scramble 7910 sw 35th

market of choice 8502 sw terwilliger

marukin ramen: marukin vega 609 se ankeny

maruti: vegan tikka masala 1925 se hawthorne

masu sushi: vegan sushi 406 sw 13th

mcmenamins: veg wrap 5736 ne 33rd (+more)

medley tea house cafe: vegan soup 7881 sw capitol hwy

mekong bistro: tofu stir fry 8200 ne siskiyou

mi mero mole: butternut squash mole poblano 5026 se division

midpoint food and drink: tofu scramble 3524 se 52nd

tofu and vegetable stir fry

vegan tofu stir-fry at new seasons market portland oregon
tofu stir-fry at new seasons market

migration brewing: veggie bahn mi 2828 ne glisan

miho izakaya: vegan spam musubi 4057 n interstate

missionary chocolates: marshmallow bars 2712 ne glisan

mixteca: vegan tamales 7238 se foster

moberi blends: veganized yoda bowl 1515 nw 23rd (+more)

momo: vegan dumplings 725 sw 10th

nakhon: pad pak ruim 3354 se hawthorne

namu: vegan bowl 3423 se belmont

native bowl: buffalo bowl 4233 n mississippi

native foods cafe: meatball sub 7237 sw bridgeport

natural grocers 12155 sw broadway (+more)

naturalmart 1726 sw 4th

nayar taqueria: tempeh taco vegetariano 5919 se foster

nectar cafe: jalapeno waffle sandwich 1925 ne 42nd

nepo42: happy healthy bowl 5403 ne 42nd

neue southern pdx: falafel 3121 sw moody

new cascadia traditional: vegan cupcakes 1700 se 6th

new deal cafe: veggie garden tofu scramble 5250 ne halsey

new seasons markets 5320 ne 33rd (+more)

new taste of india: channa masala 6123 sw macadam


classic burger with cheese and mayo at Next Level Burger portland oregon
cheeseburger at next level burger

new thai blues: tofu avocado green curry 4147 se division

next level burgercheeseburger 4121 se hawthorne

nicholas lebanese: roasted veg bowl 3223 ne broadway (+more)

night light lounge: smoked tofu bahn mi 2100 se clinton

no bones beach club: jackfruit flautas 3928 n mississippi

noodle house: tofu stir fried noodles 950 sw washington

noy viet lao: vegan pho 3530 sw multnomah

nudi: vegan green noodle soup 4310 se woodstock

oasis cafe: vegan cheese pizza 3701 se hawthorne

obon popup: vegan chicken nuggets (popup)

the observatory: quinoa-mushroom veggie burger 8115 se stark

of roots and blooms: mac + cheese (popup)

off the griddle: swiss cheeseburger 6526 ne foster

the old gold: tofu satay 2105 n killingsworth

oregon public house: vegan burger 700 ne dekum

organics 2 you farm fresh home delivery (delivery)

p’s & q’s neighborhood market & deli 1301 ne dekum

pambiche: plato communist 2811 ne glisan

papa g's vegan organic deli: bbq tofu sandwich 2314 se division

paper bag pizza: vegan cashew cheese pizza 2880 se division

paradox cafe: vegan french toast 3439 se belmont

pawfee shop: vegan panini 6035 ne halsey

pepperoni mac and cheese

pesto and pepperoni mac and cheese at Of Roots and Blooms portland oregon
pesto pepperoni mac and cheese at of roots and blooms

pbj’s grilled: veganized sunup pbj 1207 se hawthorne

pdx donerland: vegan doner 625 ne killingsworth

people’s food co-op market 3029 se 21st

pepe caliente: veggie tacos (mobile)

pepper tree thai: pra ram tofu 6555 sw bh hwy

perierra creperie: vegan crepes se 12th + hawthorne

persian house: veggie paella 1026 sw morrison

petunia's pies & pastries: mac + cheese 610 sw 12th

phat cart: vegan bento 420 sw college

pho green papaya: curry tofu 402 se mlk

pho pasteur: vegan pho 7330 ne fremont

pied cow: veganized curried lentil dip + pita 3244 se belmont

pieology: vegan cheese pizza 3262 ne broadway

pixie retreat raw’r laboratory: cheezburger wrap 432 nw 11th ave, 1670 se 3rd ave

pizza a go go: soy curls 3240 n williams

pizza creature: vegan cheese pizza 7316 n lombard

pizza fino: vegan fino roll 8225 n denver

pizza nostra: vegan cheese pizza 4831 ne fremont

pizzicato: vegan cheese pizza 4217 ne fremont

plantwiches: beet burger 11124 ne halsey

pok pok: khao soi 3226 se division (+more)

por que no: verduras tacos 4365 se hawthorne

fishless filet sandwich

fishless filet sandwich with caper tarter sauce and mushy peas at Of Roots and Blooms portland oregon
fishless filet sandwich at of roots and blooms

portland city grill: stir fry tofu 111 sw 5th

portland farmers markets sw park + montgomery (+more)

portland fruit & produce 8040 se foster

potato champion: vegan poutine 1207 se hawthorne

prasad: vegan mac + cheese 925 nw davis

produce row cafe: quinoa salad 204 se oak

proper eats market & cafe: the proper plate 8638 n lombard

pure simple juice: black truffle kale crisps 1620 se 3rd

purrington’s cat lounge: hummus platter 3529 ne mlk

pyro pizza: sausage + cheese pizza 1207 se hawthorne

quarterworld: tofu bahn mi 4811 se hawthorne

queen of sheba: veg combo 2413 ne mlk

rabbits cafe: bbq soy curl bowl 111 sw 5th

radio room: vegan bahn mi 1101 ne alberta

rahel's ethiopian: veg combo 10175 se stark

rain or shine pdx: veggie sandwich 5941 se division

random order: vegan apple pie 1800 ne alberta

raven & rose: veganized peas on toast 1331 sw broadway

rawdacious desserts: key lime cheesecake 2505 se 11th

nacho cheese sushi

full kitchen alchemist: vegan sushi with soyrizo and nacho cheese at SushiLove portland oregon
full kitchen alchemist sushi at sushilove

relish gastropub: spicy long bean + tofu 6637 se milwaukee

rice junkies: bimbibap 1625 ne alberta

robo taco: vegan burrito 607 se morrison

rocking frog cafe: vegan cheese sandwich 2511 se belmont

rolling gourmet fusion: fried dumplings 930 sw washington

rontom’s: jackfruit tacos 600 e burnside

rovente pizzeria: hearty vegan cheese pizza 512 sw 4th

rudy’s gourmet pizza: vegan cheese pizza 4716 se powell

saint cupcake: vegan red velvet cupcake 1138 sw morrison

salt & straw: vegan coconut ice cream 2035 ne alberta (+more)

santeria: vegan tinga quesadilla 703 sw ankeny

sasquatch brewery: quinoa hash 6440 sw capitol hwy

saucebox: tofu kabocha squash curry 214 sw broadway

savor soup house: vegan bacon grilled cheese 1003 sw alder

sckavone’s: tofu scramble 4100 se division

screen door: veganized vegetable hash 2337 e burnside

se grind: vegan grinder 1223 se powell

sengetara: veg combo 3833 ne mlk

seres restaurant: salt + pepper fried tofu 1105 nw lovejoy

seven virtues coffee roasters: vegan bagelwich 2737 ne sandy

tempeh noodle bowl

vietnamese sweet-chili lemongrass noodle bowl with tempeh at thrive sauce and bowls portland oregon
vietnamese sweet-chili lemongrass noodle bowl at thrive

shandong: cherry tofu 3724 ne broadway

shelly’s honkin huge burritos: vegan burrito sw 6th + morrison

si señor mexican restaurant: vegetarian fajitas 11525 sw choban

sift bakery: vegan chocolate chip cookies (in stores)

sip juice cart: cookies and cream milkshake 2210 ne alberta

sivalai thai: deep fried tofu 4806 se stark

sizzle pie: vegan angle of doom pizza 624 e burnside (+more)

slappy cakes: vegan pancakes 4246 se belmont

slice pizza: vegan cheese pizza 2701 ne sandy

the slide inn: vegan tofu sliders 2348 se ankeny

smaken waffles: vegan waffle + vegan sausage 2880 se division

snackriledge: hail chic’n seitan sandwich (in stores)

sound grounds: bagels + vegan cream cheese 3701 se belmont

soup cycle: vegan soups + tempeh (delivery)

st honore bakery: roasted vegetable panini 3333 se division

star bar: vegan burger 639 se morrison

the station: seared tofu bowl 2703 ne alberta

stella taco: vegan mole tacos 2940 ne alberta

stickers cafe: dumplings in peanut sauce 6808 se milwaukee

the sudra: chickenless tikka masala bowl 2333 ne glisan (+more)

crab cake sandwich

vegan crab cake at Veggie Grill portland oregon
crab cake sandwich at veggie grill

sushilove: soyrizo + nacho cheese sushi 1112 se tacoma

suzette creperie: marsala-soaked figs crepe 3342 se belmont

swagat indian cuisine: veganized thali dinner 2074 nw lovejoy

sweet basil thai: i love veggies + tofu 3135 ne broadway

sweet hereafter: buffalo sub 3326 se belmont

sweet lemon vegan bistro: bbq harmony wrap 4888 nw bethany

sweetpea baking company: untuna sandwich 1205 se stark

tabor bread: toast flight + vegan spreads 5051 se hawthorne

tahrir square: falafel + hummus 1207 se hawthorne

tangier moroccan & mediterranean: mezza platter 221 sw pine

the tao of tea: homestyle dal + rice 3430 se belmont

teote areperia: vegan bowl 1615 se 12th

tesoaria: vegan cassoulet 4003 n williams

thai dish: pad pak 4604 se hawthorne

thai food cafe: curry + tempeh 833 n killingsworth

thai noon: tofu mango curry 2635 ne alberta

thai peacock: stir fry + tofu 219 sw 9th

thai seasons: yum sa moon phrai 5824 ne sandy

thai smile: pumpkin curry + tofu 1638 nw glisan

there be monsters: fried curried cauliflower 1308 se morrison

fish tacos

vegan fish tacos at veggie grill portland oregon
fish tacos at veggie grill

thrive sauce & bowls: noodle bowl + tempeh 4641 ne fremont

tiffin asha: studly spud dosa 3710 n mississippi

tin shed garden cafe: baby beluga 1438 ne alberta

tiny’s coffee: toasted veggie sandwich 2031 ne milk (+more)

toast: tofu and vegetable plate 5222 se 52nd

toro bravo tapas: vegan tapas 120 ne russell

trader joes 2122 nw glisan (+more)

triumph coffee: vegan jane fonda bagel sandwich 201 se 12th

tube bar: vegan ham + cheese muffin 18 nw 3rd

tula bakery: vegan seasonal soup 4943 ne mlk

uchu sushi: vegan sushi 3940 n mississippi

uncle tsangs kitchen: vegan kung pao tofu 2231 ne alberta

uno mas: cactus + mushroom tacos 2329 ne glisan (+more)

uwajimaya asian grocery 10500 sw bh hwy

van hahn: vegan roasted pork 8446 se division

veggie grillfish tacos 508 sw taylor (+more)

verde cocina: el infierno chicharrones 524 nw 14th (+more)

via chicago: vegan ricotta cheese pizza 2013 ne alberta

victoria bar: buffalo cauliflower wrap 4835 n albina

vintners cellar: bbq soy curl cheese pizza 1111 nw 16th

virtuous pie: benny eggs 1126 se division

seitan cheesesteak

seitan cheesesteak at vita cafe portland oregon
seitan cheesesteak at vita cafe

vita cafe: seitan cheesesteak 3023 ne alberta

voodoo doughnut: vegan doughnut22 sw 3rd (+more)

vtopia cheese shop & deli: vegan cheeses 1628 sw jefferson

water avenue coffee: avocado toast 1028 se water

the waypost: spicy tempeh tacos 3120 n williams

whimsical folly food cart: egg salad 625 ne killingsworth 

white owl: vegan burger 1305 se 8th

whole bowl: veganized bambino bowl 3540 n vancouver (+more)

whole foods markets 3535 ne 15th (+more)

wholesome blends: vegan treats 4615 ne sandy

wild abandon: tofu scramble + vegan sausage 2411 se belmont

wolf and bear's: falafel pita wrap 3925 n mississippi (+more)

woodlawan coffee & pastry: vegan plate 808 ne dekum

xv: vegan tofu pizza 15 sw 2nd

yard house: vegan cheeseburger 888 sw 5th

yuan su: veggie sweet + sour pork 11140 se powell

zaatar lebanese: vegetarian taste of lebanon 1037 nw flanders

zach's shack: vegan hot dogs 4611 se hawthorne

zupans market 3301 se belmont (+more)

chocolate oreo doughnut

Vegan Old Dirty Bastard doughnut with oreos and peanut butter from Voodoo Doughnuts portland oregon
old dirty bastard oreo doughnut at voodoo doughnut