Vegan Food Guide to Rome

Vegan Food Guide to Rome

Where is the best vegan food in Rome? Everywhere! The Eternal City, Rome, is something of a vegan mecca! Pizza, burgers, gelato! Oh My!


Plus there's so much to see and do in the city, you'll need constant sustenance to keep you going. Here's my list of the top spots to get tasty vegan meals... when in Rome.

100% bio

Piazza di Porta San Paolo 6a

All vegan, all organic cafe open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Has sandwiches and treats for takeaway, a great coffee bar, a huge lunch buffet that's pay by weight, and an a la carte and taster menu of dinner options with organic beer and wine for aperitifs.

double decker club sandwich from 100% bio
double decker club sandwich from 100% bio

alvarado street

Via Attilio Mori 27

Funky bar serving up vegan beer and vegan bar foods like vegan sausages and cold cuts.

banco fast food

Via Ostiense 40

Local, natural fast food chain with a delicious vegan menu of burgers, tacos, noodles, nuggets, bowls, wraps, dips, seasonal specials, plus fresh cold-pressed juices and beers.

burger from banco
burger from banco

bistrot veg & veg

Via Dei Latini 51 

Cute vegetarian restaurant serving inventive and artfully presented vegan plates. 

breaking bread bistrot

Via Degli Olivi 49

Popular local all vegan cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, bakery goods and desserts.

cambio vita

Via del Governo Vecchio 54/55

Juice bar with vegan burgers, sandwiches, salads, cakes, cookies, juices, and gelato!

dall' albero

Via Salaria 163-167

Popular restaurant, bar and store that serves raw meals, plus sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, and more, and even makes its own vegan artisanal cashew and almond cheeses in its very own laboratory.


Via Acciaioli 13

100% vegan restaurant serving artistic raw foods like burgers, sandwiches, and noodle dishes.

fa bio

Via Germanico 43

Cute little spot for great vegan sandwiches and wraps, plus fresh juices and smoothies. 

flower burger

Via Dei Gracchi 87

Fun and funky vegan burger chain that serves brightly colored, nutritious, and tasty vegan burgers, plus soft serve ice cream. More.

the flower burger from flower burger
the flower burger from flower burger

il margutta

Via Margutta 118

Veg restaurant, and art gallery, with a lunch buffet with vegan options, plus a taster menu and a la carte dinner options.


Via Agostino Depretis 64

Offers tasty sandwiches with vegan meats and cheeses, plus fresh smoothies with soy milk.


Via Angelo Emo 125

All vegan shop and kitchen serving homemade burgers, hotdogs, wraps, desserts and more.

la capra campa

Via Dignano D'Istria 51

100% vegan bistro serving up creative, classic and modern, cooked and raw foods.


Via Vespasiano 30

Chic veg cafe with a selection of vegan sandwiches plus salads, snacks, juices and more. 

madre terra

Via Nomentana 223

Modern 100% vegan Italian restaurant serving everything from pizzas to noodles to desserts to cakes. 

mater terrae

Largo Febo 2

Beautiful fine dining on the rooftop of the Raphael Hotel, with vegan and raw menu options.


Via Bergamo 56

Very popular local spot with a pay by weight 100% vegan buffet plus desserts like tiramisu. 

ossido alternative vegan bistro & bar

Via Gentile da Mogliano 154

100% vegan spot serving tasty burgers, dogs, wraps, tacos, bowls, cheesecake and more.


Borgo Pio 176

Juice and smoothie bar with lots of vegan snacks, sandwiches, burgers, muffins and treats.

romeows cat bistro

Via Francesco Negri 15

Rustic and chic reservation only vegan fine dining space with free-roaming cats!

so what?!?

Via Ettore Giovenale 56

Casual vegan restaurant serving authentic italian foods like pastas and desserts and more.

solo crudo

Via Federico Cesi 22

Locally loved all raw vegan gourmet food cafe with pasta, wraps, sushi, desserts and more. 

universo vegano

Piazza del Paradiso 18

Vegan fast food chain serving up delicious burgers, wraps, pastas and desserts. More

veg and wine

Via Trionfale 94

An authentic Italian restaurant and menu that's usually half vegetarian and half vegan. 

vegan store 83

Via Lorenzo Ghiberti 19

Vegan market stall in Testaccio Market serving fresh made sandwiches, desserts, snacks, drinks, plus an enormous selection of vegan foods, supplies and beauty products. More.

vegan store 83
vegan store 83

veggie days

Via Tuscolana 924

Vegan fast food chain with tasty burgers, curries, pastas, cakes, ice creams and more. 


Via Delle Palme 31

Vegan street food like burgers and fries. Also does festivals & closes restaurant in summer. 

wani vegan bakery

Via Gabriello Chiabrera 162b

Vegan bakery serving sweets and baked goods plus savory pizzas and casseroles.


Via Cesare Bosi 9

Vegan juice bar chain serving vegan lunch options like salads, soups and bowls.