Vegan Shopping in Rome

Vegan Shopping in Rome

There is a fantastic one-stop vegan shop in Rome with an enormous selection of vegan foods, products, sandwiches, and more! It's a must-see.

mercato testaccio rome italy
mercato testaccio

Located in a large open market called Mercato Testaccio, at Stall Number 83, is Vegan Store.


Barbara, the owner of this awesome shop, is an ethical vegan, as well as extremely knowledgeable, vibrantly passionate, and positively overflowing with energy!

vegan store at stall 83 rome italy
vegan store at stall 83

the clash

Her spark is quite a necessity in the market, since the store is not only in a building that used to be a slaughterhouse, but also surrounded by butchers and meats.


Not the neighborly kind either, but the kind that like to harass and threaten by leaving her cruel notes and dead animals. (Boo, mean people!)


But, persist, she does! And thank goodness, because this little shop is an utter vegan heaven!

vegan store 83 Mercato Testaccio rome italy
counter at vegan store

the store

This shop has everything and anything a vegan (or anyone) could ever want. There's staples such as fresh and shelf stable foods such as rices, beans, meats, cheeses, milks, condiments, baking goods, spices, teas, beauty products, and more. 

Find special goodies like burgers, hot dogs, tuna, roasts, whipped cream, pudding, mayonnaise, parmesan, yogurt, egg replacers, and toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, and henna hair dye. 


And, no palm oil!

vegan cheeses

vegan cheeses at vegan store rome italy

vegan meats

vegan meats vegan store rome italy

vegan products

vegan products vegan store rome italy

There's a selection of juices, plus tons of treats and desserts like candies, cookies and cakes.


There's also a deli section where she serves fresh, custom made sandwiches using delicious Italian-made meats and cheeses that she's happy to slice up and even let you sample for free!


Good luck choosing one; they're all amazing. The Black Pepper Tuscan cheese is to die for!

vegan deli case vegan store 83

Come prepared to buy a ton of stuff! Stock up on staples, grab your favorites, and try new discoveries. Everyone does. I did, too.


And don't worry if you don't have a bag, you can grab one of these colorful, bold prints from Roots of Compassion. Represent! 

vegan bag from roots of compassion "vegan means i don't eat, wear or exploit animals"
bag from roots of compassion

When in Rome, go support Vegan Store at Mercato di Testaccio, Via Lorenzo Ghiberti 19, Rome.

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30am to 2:30pm.

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