Respect for Rescue: Barb's Dogs

Respect for Rescue: Barb's dogs

Barb's Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, works tirelessly to get homeless dogs off the streets and adopted into loving homes.

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Companion animals, pets like dogs and cats, are drastically overpopulated all over the world.


Populations quickly become out of control when animals are not sterilized.


Pets are often cast out on the streets to fend for themselves and face a multitude of dangerous risks, including turning into prey for other animals, abuse, starvation, disease, and death.


In the US alone, nearly 7 million animals enter into the shelter system and almost half of them are euthanized yearly, according to the ASPCA.


These numbers are unmanageable and sterilization and reduced breeding is vital to reduce all the suffering overpopulation causes.


This is a worldwide, man-made problem and we should all help support animal rescues worldwide that are doing their part to spay and neuter homeless pets and assist in getting them off the streets and adopted into forever homes. 

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On a recent trip to Puerto Peñasco, I was happy to visit and meet Barb of Barb's Dog Rescue.


I brought dog food and toys to donate and she was so kind to take time out of her busy day to talk with me and show me some of the pups. 

This rescue has been running for over 16 years.


They painstakingly feed and care for the street dogs of the town, take them in, vaccinate and sterilize them, and adopt them out to the United States and Canada.


They call it a life-enhancing facility, since they don't euthanize for space, and take in as many as they are able to. 

The dogs were all so happy and healthy. 


Almost all of them came to greet me and were so calm and well-behaved. 


Lots more were more than happy to lounge in the sun, among toys, chews, and small pools of water in the shade.


These sweet dogs are so happy to finally have food, shelter and care for a brief time in their lives, but they all still need loving forever homes to go live at, so the workload for the staff is never-ending in constant daily care, veterinary treatments, and adoption processes. 

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