Help BARC Save Dogs in Bali

Help BARC Save Dogs in Bali

BARC is a dog refuge in Bali that works hard to rescue animals in need by offering sanctuary, rehabilitation and adoption, plus outreach, awareness, education and support.


And they need your help!

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saving balinese street dogs

BARC provides care for hundreds of neglected and abused animals from the streets of Bali, many of whom are abandoned on the streets or at the shelter. 


BARC provides a no-kill shelter where pets can receive much-needed food, shelter, and veterinary care.


Plus these guys are extra special - because many of the dogs are descendants from the Bali heritage dog, a breed with a lineage that is well over 12,000 years old.

outreach, education, and free clinics

BARC is proactively helping to save animals in Indonesia by raising awareness about animal care and abuse, running adoption events in local villages, continually educating people, and organizing outreach programs to children in schools.


BARC provides free ongoing vaccination and sterilization clinics for pet owners who otherwise cannot afford veterinary care to help prevent the constant cycle of overbreeding and overpopulation.

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the plight of animals in indonesia

Animals in Indonesia have a pretty rough deal and BARC fights the endless battles by educating about animal abuse and alleviating animal suffering as much as they can.


Homelessness isn't the only struggle Indonesian animals have - it's also the dog meat trade, live animal sacrifice, poisonings, dumpings of adults and entire newborn litters, cruelty, abuse, neglect, starvation, exposure, and various injuries, parasites, diseases and viruses.


They desperately need help because there are very few people on their side. 

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how you can help:

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help from afar

  • Donate money online
  • Virtually adopt a dog
  • Shop merchandise 
  • Include a bequest in your will
  • Involve your business with corporate sponsorship
  • Be an advocate for adopting shelter pets
  • Speak out against the cruel dog meat trade
  • Donate to animal sanctuaries worldwide
  • Help spread the word and share this article