Best Places to See in the Philippines

Best Places to See in the Philippines

Famous for stunning sandy beaches, spectacular landscapes, and of course, amazing delicacies, the Philippines is one of many Asian countries most certainly worth visiting.


The Republic of the Philippines is a smaller archipelagic country that consists of over seven thousand and six hundred islands located on the Pacific Ocean.


The three biggest islands Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon, are the most populated, while the country’s population as estimated in 2020 is over 106 million.

Boracay, the White Beach

Located in the Western Visayas area, the Boracay resort island is one of the most stunning places in the country.


Totaling over twelve beaches, this is also the beach capital of the country, with White Beach being the most famous.


With crystal blue waters, sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets, this is a place deserving of your attention.


Boracay is also famous for the Puka Shell Beach that as suggested, is a perfect spot for avid shell collectors.


Then, there is the equally impressive Cagban Beach that, according to different legends, hides treasure chests in some of its secret caves.


Those looking for a luxurious beach vacation should head to Diniwid Beach, famous for its resorts.


Hikers who come to Boracay should definitely pay a visit to Mount Luho.


Bohol, the Chocolate Hills

One of the most famed attractions in the Philippines is the Chocolate Hills site located in Bohol.


This magnificent natural wonder has a collection of over one thousand unique geological formations that, like magic, turn completely brown during the dry season.


At Bohol, shy nocturnal animals called Tarsiers reside, and you will instantly recognize them due to their unusually large eyes.


Cebu, the Sudlon National Park

The Sudlon National Park located in Cebu is everything that nature lovers are looking for in terms of the best hiking spots and the most magnificent places to explore.


Only one hour from the Sudlon National Park is Cebu City that has everything you expect from an urban, metropolitan area.


Banaue, the Batad Rice Terraces

The Batad Rice Terraces site is also recognized as one of many breathtaking sites in the country.


The Eighth Wonder of the World, as these rice terraces are often called, were carved into the Ifugao and Banaue mountains mainly by hand.


For the most spectacular sunsets, visiting this agricultural surprise is a must as well.


Banaue is also home to the unique Hiwang and Banaue Ethnic Villages. 


Vigan, the Bantay Bell Tower

The city of Vigan, famed for the Bantay Bell Tower, is yet another place you should put down to your list of the best places to visit, and the same goes for the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, which is a perfect spot to observe and absorb the isolated local culture.

Bantay Bell Tower

The Pearl of the Orient, as the Philippines is called, offers something for everyone to enjoy, whether it be natural wonders, remote beach getaways, delicious foods, interesting sports, or awesome party life.


Since many Filipinos speak English, tourists will have no issues when interacting with local residents, and this is always a plus!