How to Travel Safely During Covid-19

How to Travel Safely During Covid-19

In addition to maintaining strict personal hygiene and social distancing, now you also have to meticulously study countries’ entry and quarantine rules as well as new airfare and accommodation policies and restrictions.


Welcome to Covid travel, folks.


It sucks.

CHeck current entRy rules

Most every country in the world now has varying levels of entry restrictions, quarantine rules, and transit travel restrictions.


You can’t just plan travel or book airfare anymore without researching the rules of both the transit stops and the final destination to see if you’re allowed to enter.


Check a travel regulations map, updates from your country’s embassies, and updates from the immigration office in your destinations, as well as transit stops. 

Check country entry rules

Book flexible Airfare

You can’t simply book the cheapest flight anymore, because there are so many variables that can now affect your travel plans.


Instead, search for airfare with a flexible change policy, so that you can adjust your plans and retain your travel credit if the rules change.


Book directly with the airline for the most reliable change notifications and travel flexibility.

Book flexible airfare

Check hotel amenity changes

Many hotels have temporarily discontinued amenities for everyone’s safety.


Check for highlighted changes of cancelled services such as restricted airport shuttles, cancelled breakfasts, closed gyms, closed pools, and restrictions on other shared spaces and services.

Check hotel amenity changes

Check airbnb policies

Before booking an Airbnb, double check that the property host allows you to stay there when arriving from another country, or during a 2 week quarantine.


Many properties around the world are not allowed to accept quarantining guests because then they’d have to pay extra to clean, disinfect, and potentially lose future bookings.

Check Airbnb policies

Wear a face mask

Wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times when in public - here are some good ones.


Only remove it for eating or drinking.


If you cough or sneeze, cover your face with your arm.

Wear a face mask

Wear protective eye coveRing

Wear glasses or an eye cover to shield your eyes from the virus.


Corona enters mucous membranes so your eyes are vulnerable unless protected with a covering.

Wear a protective eye covering

Wash your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly throughout the day, especially before eating, and before touching your eyes or face.

Wash your hands

Use hand sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer whenever you can’t wash your hands, and especially before and after touching surfaces or objects.

Use hand sanitizer

Clean surfaces with antiviral wiPes

Take antiviral wet wipes with you so you can disinfect hard surfaces you may need to touch such as seat arms, seatbelt buckles, tray tables, and anything else.

Clean surfaces with wet wipes

Stay 6 feet apart fRom others

Maybe the most important safety tip of all - practice social distancing.


Aim to stay at least 6 feet, or 2 meters, away from others at all times to reduce transmission of the virus. 

Stay 6 feet apart from others

With pre-travel planning, research, and constant health and safety measures in place, you can help keep yourself and others safer while traveling during Covid!