Best Sights to See in Gyeongju

Best Sights to See in Gyeongju

Gyeongju, located in the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula, is quite famous because it was the capital city during the Silla period for about one thousand years!


The kings and queens who ruled during this time lived quite an opulent, lavish lifestyle showcased by endless relics and architecture throughout the city - so much so that the city is often called an outdoor museum.


It's a fun spot to visit for lovers of nature, art, and history alike.


Here's some of my favorite spots to see!

Donggung palace & Wolji pond

This palace and man-made body of water was used as a secondary palace by the crown prince.


It was actually constructed purely for fun, celebrations, and banquets in order to honor the unification of the peninsula during Silla.


It's really cool to visit at nighttime when the entire area is perfectly illuminated, creating a mirror-like reflection in the water.

Donggung palace

Cheomseongdae observatory

Built during the Silla dynasty, this is actually the oldest astronomical observatory in all of East Asia. 


It was constructed with 365 stones for the days of the year on a base of 12 stones for the months of the year.


It's especially fun to check out after dark since it appears otherworldly when  illuminated by continuously changing colored lights.

Cheomseongdae observatory

DaEreungwon tombs & tumuli park

These tomb mounds are quite a macabre yet awesome sight to behold.


Over 20 tombs are the resting places of kings, queens, and royal officials from the Silla period.


These are mostly for respectful viewing only, however there is one excavated tomb that is open and you can walk inside of it.

Daereungwon tombs

NatIonal museum of gyeongju

This museum is an absolute treasure trove of relics from the Silla Kingdom.


With over 80,000 artifacts on display - everything from jewelry to pottery to fashion to art - there's so much to see.


You can easily spend hours and hours here exploring all the different areas and learning about the decadent history.

National museum of gyeongju

Gyeongju is also home to many practicing Buddhist temples which are all  fascinating, however due to respect, photos should not be taken. 


Often, visiting these temples requires a leisurely walk through a park or forest to arrive at the temple on top of a mountain, so I highly recommend visiting some temples to enjoy amazing architecture, history, and also relax on a nature walk!

Gyeongju forest