5 Fun Ways To Learn Croatian While Traveling

5 Fun Ways To Learn Croatian While Traveling

When people think about Croatia, they most likely think of its diversified landscapes, unique Croatian cuisine, gorgeous historic cities, adrenaline-pumping places, spectacular beaches, indigenous wines, Croatian music, and pleasant Mediterranean climate.


As you can see, Croatia has a great deal to offer travelers!


Is Croatia on your list of places you want to visit and explore?


If this is the case, you have a great deal of preparation to do.


This involves arranging your travel documentation, having money in Croatian currency, and wearing appropriate attire for the weather.


However, there’s one factor that tourists can also take into account, learning the Croatian language. 

Ways to Learn Croatian in a Fun Way

Croatians, often known as Croats, communicate rather effectively in English.


They would, however, be overjoyed if a tourist converse with them in the local language.


If you don’t have much time to learn Croatian online or attend a language class, you can still practice Croatian while you’re traveling the country! 


Having said that, here are some interesting ways to learn Croatian while traveling

1. Listen To The Locals

Listening to something is one of the best methods to learn about it. While traveling, consider paying attention to the Croats as they speak their language.


No one speaks the language better than them.


More so, they’re well-versed in the local slang, so you can learn the natural way of speaking their language.


Another important tip is to always keep a dictionary on hand.


This way, if you don’t understand something, you can easily look it up in the dictionary afterward. 


Also, consider taking note of the manner in how they speak.


For instance, you can pay attention to how they enunciate the words and how they move their hands.


Doing so will allow you to further learn how native speakers communicate.


This can then help you to be more natural when speaking their language.

croatian street

2. Speak Plainly

Among the reasons why some people feel discouraged to learn a new language is because of the fear of being judged and laughed at.


While still learning the language, you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself when it comes to proper grammar or accent, especially because when it comes to learning, the best part of it is the willingness to try. 


The locals may recognize that you are inexperienced and still appreciate that you’re trying to learn their language.


It’s certainly fine to converse using only the most basic terms you know because eventually, you’ll slowly learn how to speak a complete sentence.


Don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy the process of learning a new language

3. Study By Yourself

Nobody can force you to learn something if you’re unwilling to put in the effort.


No matter how eager you are to learn a new language or how attentive you are to the native speakers, you’ll still have to put in some work. 


When you’re not out socializing, consider learning a language at your convenience.


For instance, browse dictionaries or reading materials such as magazines and booklets written in the Croatian language.

4. Make Friends

Connecting and befriending locals is another effective technique to learn Croatian spontaneously.


Aside from having the chance to immerse in their culture, you’d also get to create amazing travel memories and gain experience.


More so, hanging out with them can give you the chance to practice and converse in their local language.


They can give you tips and language lessons while still learning more about their rich culture and nation.

5. Do Everything In Croatian

Learning a new language is easier and more fun when you do the tasks you usually do in the language you’re learning.


For instance, when ordering food or discovering goods and products in food markets, consider conversing using the Croatian language.


Or perhaps, if you’re having a quiet time in your hotel, you can opt to watch local TV shows or programs that are in the Croatian language.

croatian coast

There are numerous ways to learn the Croatian language.


You can begin with some of the more common resources, such as language courses and apps, or you can travel around Croatia and explore the rich culture yourself.


A combination of these may provide a complete picture of the living language. 


Whatever method you use to learn Croatian, keep in mind ‘bez muke nema nauke.’


This is a Croatian proverb that translates as ‘without hardship, there’s no knowledge.’ 

When you feel like learning their language is out of reach, use that as an opportunity to push yourself even harder.


And in the end, you’ll find yourself understanding what Croatians say without even realizing it!