What I Ate in Osaka

What I Ate in Osaka

Osaka is my favorie place to visit in Japan - I love the fun vibes, friendly folks, and great eats everywhere.


Here are some of my favorite joints that always have consistently tasty dishes plus a really good hang!

OkonomIyake chitose

1 Chrome-11-10 Taishi, Nishinari Ward


This cozy little spot is super famous so there's always a line out front full of hungry travelers.


They specialize in serving okonomiyaki, which are traditional Osakan savory pancakes, but this restaurant is special becuase they make a delicious vegan version made with vegan batter, vegetables, pineapple bits, and soy meat. 

Vegan Okonomiyaki

Curry yakumido

2 Chrome-2-10 Haginochaya, Nishinari Ward


This cute little restaurant serves traditional Japanese curry and rice dishes with a huge selection of drinks and a friendly chef who's great to chat with.


The reason this place is unique is because the chef makes a seperate batch of vegan curry using a house-made vegetable based broth infused with fresh spices and veggies. 

Vegan Japanese curry

Osaka tacos

1 Chrome-3-24 Taishi, Nishinari Ward


This is a cool bar with a funky vibe, a unique Mexican menu, and fun bartenders.


The best dish here is a vegan taco made with fresh veggies and a flavorful soy meat, wrapped in a tasty taco shell, and served with homemade salsa.

Vegan taco