Vegan Documentaries You Need to Watch

Vegan Documentaries You Need to Watch

The quick and easy way to go vegan: just sit back and watch movies

Curious about veganism? Interested in a plant-based diet? Have burning vegan questions but don't know who to ask? Don't worry! Here's a collection of the best movies to watch to answer all of your questions.


Whether you're interested in veganism for your health, or for the animals, or for the earth - there's a movie here for you! Scroll down and find out where to watch!

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what the health

find what the health on netflix or amazon 


forks over knives

food, inc.


 watch earthlings

meet your meat

watch meet your meat here 


find speciesism on amazon



more dominion

the ghosts in the machine

live and let live

the end of meat

farm to fridge

watch farm to fridge here 

what cody saw

watch what cody saw here 


watch seaspiracy by the friendly activist here 


mission blue

find mission blue here or on netflix

a delicate balance

find a delicate balance here

The game changers

find the game changers here

the cove

find the cove here or on amazon